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Over here I have, another group of top basketball drills. Things that are not covered in the fundamentals but are crucial for the development of your basketball game.
Again, these may be stuff that you already know but it’s always good to be reminded.

When I read about the philosophy of defense and just how important it is, when I go out there and play basketball, I’m more aware that I have to play tough defense because that’s something that a lot of times I forget.

You always have to remain open to new ideas and tips. Always keep listening and absorb only the best. But be critical. Use your head.

Haven’t you noticed how many NBA players give each other advices on the game. You think at one point Jordan went. “Aaahh, forget about it… I know how to play the game”? Hell no. He realized, long ago, he has to constantly improve.

So that means, build a foundation of the way you play basketball. Find your greatest strengths and use them more but also find your weaknesses and work on them even more. To be a complete player, you have to do things you’re not always enjoying so much.


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