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Other Free Basketball Drills

Here are some more free basketball drills that you can try..


The idea of this drill is to jump as high as you can by spreading your legs and arms so that you resemble a star. Alright? I know this is little unusual exercises and there is a high probability you haven’t done it.

But, in gymnastics it is done a lot. As you know the gymnasts have jaw dropping jumping ability. So, taking into account that this exercises is relatively hard, you can start off with 5 stars and rest for a minute.

Then another 5 stars (five jumps that is) and rest for a minute. Do 3 sets of 5 stars a day. The way you’ll be doing the stars will be, literally, jumping as high as you can. If it’s too hard for you, try with 3 stars to complete a set.

If it’s too easy, that’s good news for you. That means that your jumping ability is above average and you can try with 7-8 even 10 stars to complete a set.

Over the phone book

Find a phone book or something little higher and jump over the book and backwards. Do 10 of these jumps and then without resting do another 10 reps but jumping sideways.

You be the one to set the repetitions and sets because this really depends on your personal stamina.

Talking about stamina (if you feel like that it wouldn’t bother you if you can improve it:), one thing you can try that is used more by the soccer players is to run stairs.

Just find more stairs if you can and go up and down. One extremely important tip about this that I can give you, is this. Don’t EVER sit down or worse, lie on the ground immediately after you run the stairs. I was guilty of this myself.

Some of my friends know me as a guy who overtrains. Because when I set my mind to something, I’m eager to accomplish it as soon as possible.

So, near this river called Vardar, there were about, ahem, 20/25 stairs. I ran them 100 times. So, going up and down would count as 1 time. Can’t remember for what reason I was so motivated to do so many, I think my friend said that that would be impossible for me. And that’s what got me all motivated to finish the job.

I remember around 60-70-80 reps, I had a very bad feeling in my stomach that there will be something wrong with me after doing all those reps.

So to cut to the chase, after I “finished” them I stood on this one place and I was so close to throwing up. It was as if there was something in my belly getting ready to explode. The taste in my mouth was awful.

You wanna know what was my mistake? Except of course the fact that I didn’t have a proper training before doing those 100 reps:). My mistake was that I stopped moving after running like a maniac. I knew that I shouldn’t sit down but I didn’t know that even if I stop moving that would be bad.

That’s why you see so many athletes keep moving after a long marathon. It’s just bad for the body if you stop immediately.

So, don’t stop moving after running the stairs, as well as doing any other exercises that require longer time of pain and effort.

If you’re just starting out to improve your stamina or maybe you want to combine the exercise where you run the stairs with another one, you can try with a training bike like this..

A free basketball drill for the coaches..

Make 2 lines of players facing you. Have them bend their knees, butt down, right hand up, left hand down and move to their right in a defensive stance.

On your signal they should change direction from their right to their left. Change the direction every 3/4/5/6/7 seconds but be unpredictable.

Touching the ground

Stand straight with your hands hanging at your sides. Very very slowly, bend with your knees to the ground until you literally touch the ground with your fingers. As soon as you do, immediately jump as high as you can.

The same repetitions, sets as well as the time for resting when doing the “stars” is applied here.

Sit on a chair. Get a basketball and dribble 10 times between your right leg and 10 times between your left. Then go between both legs. Then as you get better try lowering the ball to the ground as much as possible. And try dribbling faster as well.

Put 4/5 chairs in a line and dribble your way through them. This one is very similar to one of the things they need to do in the “All Star Skills Challenge Competition”.

Although these free basketball drills are actually free, you shouldn’t underestimate their value as well as everything else on my website.


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