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Reggie Miller Biography

The Reggie Miller biography is filled with sibling rivalry, clutch shooting, and exceeded expectations.

This extraordinary star of the 1990s National Basketball Association played his entire 18-year career with the Indiana Pacers, and though he never succeeded in winning an NBA Championship, he did become a household name despite humble — and remarkable — beginnings.

Born in Riverside, Calif., in 1965, Reggie Miller suffered from hip deformities as a child. His extensive use of braces finally strengthened his legs enough to compensate for the flaws, and soon he was able to join the rest of his athletic family in their activities.

He attended UCLA for college, earning a degree in history, and led the Bruins to a Pac-10 Conference championship during his senior year. His achievements at the school led to an induction into the UCLA Hall of Fame in 1998.

It was a fierce rivalry with sister Cheryl, who would later go on to be a famous WNBA player, that forced Miller to polish his basketball game.

In Touchstone’s I Love Being the Enemy, the official Reggie Miller biography book, the sharpshooter recalls that he perfected his skills just to beat his sister. It is rumored that his unusual long-shot style was developed so that he could arc the ball over Cheryl’s attempts to block him.

Though older than the collegiate 3-point shot — it was not officially introduced into the college game until his senior season at UCLA — Reggie Miller thrived on the trey. His first year in the NBA saw him destroy Larry Bird’s eight-year-old record for most three-pointers hit by a rookie in a season, draining 61 over the course of the season.

better shooting

Miller is still the NBA’s all-time leader in 3-point field goals made, with 2,560. He soon became known for accurate clutch shooting, a reputation that has its roots in the 1998 Eastern Conference Championship games against the Chicago Bulls.

In Game 4, Miller caught in inbounds pass with three seconds remaining and drained the long shot to win the game. Even as his career and statistics dwindled, Miller was the go-to guy for clutch shooting situations and continued to lead the Pacers to victory.

Miller’s relationship with the Indiana Pacers is an unusual one: he played more games with the same team than all but two other players in NBA history.

better shooting

Drafted 11th by the Pacers in 1987 — much to the chagrin of watching fans, who booed the selection — he quickly proved his worth and built a loyalty with the team that won him fans not only from Indianapolis but across the league.

When Miller finally announced his retirement, Conseco Fieldhouse honored him with a 45-minute ceremony and a brand new car. He still spends much of his time in Indiana, appearing as the 2005 Festival Parade Grand Marshal at the Indianapolis 500.

No Reggie Miller biography would be complete without tales of his infamous trash-talking. While his popular nicknames are “Miller Time” and “Killer Miller,” he is also known as “Knick Killer,” a name that originated during the heated rivalry between the New York Knicks and the Pacers in the 1990s playoffs.

The rivalry continued through the years, with Miller often harassing famous Knicks fan Spike Lee; after a teammate hit a critical free throw, Miller looked over at Lee and gave him the “fourth quarter choke” sign. Miller often engaged fellow players in trash-talking battles that resulted in technical fouls and ejections.

Married to Marita Stavrou for just under nine years (they divorced in 2001), Reggie Miller now spends his time in his residences in Indiana and Malibu, Calif. He holds a job as an NBA analyst with TNT, where he joins sister Cheryl, who does sideline reporting.

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