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The Iceman Commeth: San Antonio Spurs Great George Gervin

George ‘The Iceman’ Gervin was born in Detroit, Michigan on April 27, 1952.
What The Iceman would do to opposing NBA as well as ABA teams and what he would do for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA as well as the ABA would be forever cemented in the annals of professional basketball history.

George Gervin started out his career as a professional basketball player in the American Basketball Association which is the ABA. He played for the Virginia Squires of the ABA until the league was absorbed by the NBA where in the made his mark on NBA greatness with the San Antonio Spurs.

1970-80 Dominance

One would have to go back all the way back to the late 70’s to recall The Iceman gliding through the lane to the basket doing his trademark finger roll for two points for the Spurs.

His best play was the finger roll and this was set up with the giant American Indian center, Paul Silas, taking up so much space in the lane. Gervin averaged at least 14 points per game in all 14 of his ABA and NBA seasons, and finished with an NBA career average of 26.2 points per game.

George Gervin could also swat a shot to and retired as the second ranked all time shot-blocking guard in the history of the storied league.

better shooting

The Iceman Commeth

Called The Iceman for his cool demeanor on and off the court, Gervin was basically known for his prodigious scoring talents. When he was in college he led teams at both Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan and Long Beach State, in sunny California in both scoring and floor leadership.
After leaving college due to an unknown and unreported altercation, Gervin was set to try out for the Virginia Squires of the ABA. According to legend, Gervin made 22 of 25 three-point attempts at the tryout; he was immediately signed despite the fact that Virginia officials had never seen him play collegiately or competitively.

Virginia Squires

It was not long after signing that initial contract with the Virginia Squires that George The Iceman Gervin would start to make his mark as a scoring phenom. Right after the NBA absorbed the ABA and the Virginia Squires became the San Antonio Spurs. That is when the button was pushed and George ‘The Iceman’ Gervin really started to light up the scoreboard.

better shooting

Gervin’s very first scoring crown came in 1978, when he narrowly-edged David Thompson for the scoring title by seven hundredths of a point (27.22 to 27.15). This scoring crown did not come without a flight, down to the very last game as David Thompson came up with a memorable performance, scoring 73 points.

Gervin maintained his slight-lead by countering that magnificent scoring performance by Thompson with 63 points of his own which included an NBA record, at the time, of 33 points in a single quarter which has been previously been matched by Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets.

Cool Hand George

When George Gervin finished his remarkable run through the NBA it marked the end of one of the greatest scorers in the history of the game. George The Iceman Gervin brought multitudes of scoring and magnificent moves that to this day have not been duplicated in the realm of professional athletes.

George The Iceman Gervin has long since retired from both professional basketball and the limelight as well as then spotlight that comes to these great icons of the game and now lives peacefully with his family in the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas.