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7 Days To Transform Your Confidence

By the end of this course, you’ll act and play like a totally new athlete. If you’re willing to seriously consider the tips I’m going to share with you here, I can promise you, you WILL notice major improvements.

Before we start, let me just give you the download link for the 4E-books I promised you…

Alright, let’s get the ball rolling…

DAY 1 – He’s on Fire…or not! The Fire Code for Shooting the Basketball:

One night I was enjoying dinner with a close friend of mine, and an NCAA tournament game on television was the object of our attention.

We spent the rest of that dinner talking basketball and at one point in the conversation we reached a very important area of discussion.

better shooting

My friend mentioned that success in basketball, perhaps more than any other sport, depends so much on the CONFIDENCE of the shooter. The statement hit me so hard…it was like an instant light bulb that is turned on after years of loneliness in a dark room.

He was right!

I mean, to argue one sport requires more confidence and composure might seem like a fool’s argument to some, but basketball really is a battle between the player and his or her conscience.

The Case Study

Let me explain further. In football, sports fans would argue that the quarterback position is the hardest position in all of sports. I’m not going to argue the validity of that argument. However, I am going to argue that the success of a quarterback relies on several factors.

For instance, the quarterback can only make a good throw when he has protection in the pocket, thus making his offensive line very important. Secondly, the receiver must run the correct route, at the correct speed, and open up his hands to catch the ball at the opportune moment. Suddenly that split second decision of the quarterback is still placed in his hands, but the number of factors also influencing the success of that given play is sometimes outside his reach.

Not the same with basketball.

The Basketball Case Study

Again, let me explain.

Basketball is a team game and it requires a complete effort from THE team to win the game. But shooting a basketball doesn’t really involve the team. Sure, your team helps you get open for a shot through ball screens and moving the ball until you get open, but from the second you decide to take that shot until the second after you release the ball, the game is entirely in your hands.

This is why so many players struggle with shooting, especially dependable and strong shooters who score with ease but suddenly find themselves trapped in a deep hole of inconsistency.

I like to refer to shooting a basketball like the three term slogan you use in the event that you are on fire…

Stop, Drop, and Don’t Think

Okay, that last statement isn’t in the fire code of ethics, but it does apply to shooting a basketball.

When you are on fire (I pray this day never occurs), you don’t think. You react! You’re on fire, it burns, and you have seconds before you could die. So what do you do? You stop, drop, and roll.

You react off INSTINCT and what is right in the moment of uncertainty. The stop, drop, and roll instinct has saved hundreds of lives in the event of a fire, and it can also save your jump shot if you will allow.

The number one reason good shooters fall into shooting slumps and continue to remain haunted by them is because they think. This may sound strange, but shooting a basketball, and shooting a basketball correctly every time, is such a personal challenge. Something that many players never become consistently good at making shots. Great shooters only become great after extensive periods and years of shooting a basketball, and shooting it correctly.

Back to the Roots

Ask any shooter and I’m sure they will tell you some of their favorite memories of playing ball, is simply not playing ball in a traditional setting but rather shooting alone at a court. When a good shooter is alone on a court, MIRACLES happen! I’m serious because I’ve been there. The shooter can just relax, shoot, and not think necessarily about basketball. The shooter does not think, he just shoots.

In a game situation, great shooters sometimes find a game, or a period of games, where they just cannot hit a shot. What’s even more frustrating is you know you’ve made that shot hundreds of times but it just will not drop! Shooting slumps are natural part of basketball. Great shooters overcome shooting slumps because they react off instinct and simply do not think about it. When the opportunity arises, they arise, and knock down the open shot.

…In conclusion

My best advice to players struggling through a shooting slump is to return to their favorite court, alone, and to just shoot. Do not think about basketball; just let your mind wander. Find that love and passion again. When your next game arrives, treat the game the same way you do on a basketball court when you are by yourself. Take that same relaxation and calmness to the court and don’t think! Just shoot.

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“There Is No “I” In Basketball, But There Is “I” in Responsibility”

See you for Day # 2

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