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Improve Your Free Throw Shooting

Wanna learn how to improve your free throw shooting with these simple steps? Read on my friend because these stuff work. They’ve been widely used by professionals. And while some find them ridiculous, others are making key shots.

The whole equation of successful free throw shooting is made of two parts. That is, the training part (practice, practice, practice) and of course, the psychology which is equally important, if not, even more important in those key moments.

One thing I’ve noticed in the free throw shooting is that, players who dribble the ball more, players who pass the ball, players who “feel” the ball more are players who have higher percentage of made shots.

You may’ve noticed that AND1 players are exceptional shooters because they feel the ball. They make a contact with it a lot more than centers like Shaq or David Robinson make. What’s the point of all this?

If you wanna increase your percentage develop a routine before you take the shot for 2 things.

Number 1, it’ll train your subconscious mind to be more accurate because you’ll execute the shooting in the exact way as you always do. And number 2, you’ll “feel” the ball. You’ll remind your mind of just how much you need to elevate your hands with the ball and throw it to the basket.

Another thing that works very nicely for many players is saying something to yourself, right before you take the shot. You don’t have to understand the whole theory behind this. Who cares, right? You don’t have to study the roots. You just gotta pick the fruits.

Alright I admit, those words aren’t mine. I’m not that smart:) Anyways, ahem, what else. Visualization helps because when you vividly visualize something, the brain can’t tell the difference between something that went through your mind and something that happened for real. So I guess, that pretty much wraps the part with the psychology.

The second part is equally important which is P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E. It’s not a secret. Don’t be fueled by anyone telling you anything that doesn’t involve practicing like heck. You gotta do it. There’s no shortcut or something like that. There’s only practice.


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