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Top High School Basketball Players

The top high school basketball players for the year 2010 are some of the best ever to grace the high school basketball courts of the United States.

It just seems that these kids become stronger and larger and better basketball players in general each and every year with no end in sight in the improvements!

Obviously the human body has a limit as to what the majority of even the tallest members of society will reach yet it seems as if an inch maybe an inch and a half is gained every year as well as 20 to 30 pounds for these essentially still-young adults.

Big and Bad

What we have this year are considered one of the best classes of blue-chip prospects ever and includes players from Kansas all the way to California and back to Florida. That’s the beauty of high school basketball in the United States in that there is such a broad spectrum of hot-bed locations that did not exist even a mere 10 years ago.

It used to be that some of the best college recruits that were still in high school would be only found in a larger more visible basketball playing cities such as Chicago, New York and Atlanta.

Subsequently the State of Florida and the State of Texas as well as California have taken the reins and produce some of the best high school recruits in the country today.

Blue Chip Recruits

With that said let’s have a look at a few of those blue chip recruits that are just making the coaches of the NCAA salivate and even all of the professional NBA coaches that are gambling that they can snag one or two away from Duke, Purdue and Texas and have one of those blue chips for their very own NBA teams.

Kobe Bryant or Moses Malone

Please have a look at the 2010 prospect ranking for the top two blue-chip high school basketball players in the United States. One never knows which one of these great high school basketball players will be the next Kobe Bryant or Moses Malone or LeBron James and leave directly rightly from the high school ranks to the ranks of the NBA.

Sky’s the Limit

If a player has that type of ability then the sky’s the limit as well as the amount of checks and the weight of those checks that the young man can earn almost immediately upon signing. To say that the object of money is not a mitigating factor in any person’s life especially in the 2010 environment of professional basketball would be to not be dispelling all the truth.

Money is a big motivating factor for these young men when presented with a choice of either a fine education or a $7 million check! Sometimes economic circumstances and basketball ability supersede education. The purely money-motivated course is one that is hard to pass up for most players and their families.

Without Stepping one Foot on a College Campus

Some of the best National Basketball Association star players of today went to the big leagues without stepping one foot on a college campus. Or maybe we should say that these players did not step foot on a college campus for educational pursuits only. Without further delay let’s have a look at some of those blue-chip players that could be sporting new jersey’s in the next few months either collegiate or professional.

2010 Prospect Ranking

#1 Josh Selby G Baltimore, MD

Lake Clifton

A spectacular playmaker, Josh Selby has the ability to do very well at either the shooting guard or point guard position. He can score at will and has one the most consistent jump shots in the country. Defensively Josh Selby is one of the best players in the State of Maryland and possibly the entire United States!

Josh Selby

Offensively Josh Selby has already broken every record for his Lake Clifton high school career stats and is close to matching some of the great Len Bias totals for that wonderful and highly missed late-star out of Maryland. Combine these attributes with his athleticism and competitiveness and you have the top prospect in the 2010 class.

5 stars 6’2″ 183 Kansas

#2 Harrison Barnes F Ames, IA

Ames Senior 5 stars 6’7″ 210 North Carolina

Harrison Barnes stands a towering six-foot seven and weighs 210 pounds and is headed to the Tar Heels State of North Carolina to play for the powder blue.

Duke was in the mix for a long time but North Carolina won the hearts of the most important people in Harrison Barnes life, his mom and dad. An education from the University of North Carolina packs a big wallop which would be a great backstop if Harrison Barnes does not make it into the professional league that is the NBA.

Considered Blue-Chip Prospects

This is always the quandary for dynamic players that are considered blue-chip prospects and are almost assured a number one draft pick status into the NBA making millions of dollars a year.

The reality of the situation is that sometimes players in high school have such a strong desire to be professionals that college is just an afterthought.


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