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Better Basketball Tips

Basketball is one of the most enthusiastically played sports across the globe. If you wish to be good at playing basketball, you need to have a good physical build preferably with a considerable height.

Next to this, you will also need to be able to handle the ball efficiently.

If you like the game of basketball and want to improve your skill you should definitely check out the better basketball tips and exercises below.

A great thing about these better basketball tips is that you can perform them alone.


The Drill

The Drill is an exercise where one can learn to handle a ball with great efficiency while dribbling and walking or running at the same time. With this exercise you actually use two balls, one for each hand. Start with bouncing both balls while you stand still at one side of the court.

Try to handle both balls with finesse, this does take a good eye-hand combination in the beginning, later it will just go naturally. Once you feel comfortable bouncing both balls you can start to walk forward while you continue bouncing the balls. Try to go faster while you maintain control of the balls. This better basketball tip is great to enhance your dribbling skills.


The Scissors

You might not be familiar with the name but most of you have seen players that are not participating in the game at that time doing this exercise on some occasion. This is the exercise where you bounce the ball between your legs while you change the stance of your legs every time you bounce the ball.


Around The World

These basketball tips and exercises help you to grow your eye hand combination as well and also will give you a better feeling while handling the ball.

Take the ball in your hands and make a circle around your head, then a circle around your waist and finally make a circle around your both knees, which should be right beside each other. Then spread your legs and make an additional circle around each knee.


8 Dribbling

8 Dribbling is fun to do and practice and you can even use this in your matches. Spread your legs and dribble the ball in an 8-form around and through your legs. If you can do this without much of a problem you should try to speed it up a bit and go lower your body.

If you get really fast and use this in a one on one situation you can wait for your opponent to lean forward and use his arm in an attempt to steal the ball. You can then anticipate and move around him swiftly.

These better basketball tips and exercises will help your eye-hand coordination, the feel you have for the ball and your efficiency while handling the ball. This of course will result in you being able to catch, pass, dribble, and shoot etc. with more ease. For most players that have been playing basketball for some time these issues are normally not much of problems.

In some situations though where a lot is at stake, a hectic play occurs or other situations where you merely manage to steal a ball in example or try to make a layup or dunk even though there are a few defenders on top of you, being able to control the ball with ease will give you an edge over your opponent.



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