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Say Yes In Basketball

Because ultimately, opportunities multiply as they are seized.

I’m listening to a lot of self-help talk lately and more I listen to it the more I tune in into the process the more I realize that in order to be successful and achieve great results you need somebody else.

You need leverage. You need to surroundyourself with the right people. Some NBA players had thegreat fortune of being at the right place at the right time.

They may have been seen by a scout or have been coachedby a great coach or had great parents or had great friendswho always pushed them and encouraged them.

For the majority of basketball players that’s not the case. It certainly wasn’t the case with me. I didn’t have that.

I know for Pistol Maravich it was his father. For you, itmight be something completely different. If you don’thave the “right” people by you you need to seek them out.You need to find these people. They will be your mastermind.

Become a “yes man”. You never know who you are goingto meet or be introduced to. In case you still haven’tfigured it out, most of the famous and successful peoplegot to be what they are, as a result of a phone call, orsomeone meeting someone or somebody being introducedto somebody.

Get out of your home. Go out. Meet people. Practice.Meet coaches, agents, scouts. Use the internet for”marketing yourself”. Send your game video. Sendemails. Opportunities are boundless you just don’t see it.

I know a guy from Italy who started playing professionalsoccer a result of doing his “homework” (research) on theinternet. Instead of wasting time on Facebook, surfingpointlessly he decided to be productive. Your time is limited.Take action now.



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