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Basketball Coaching Help

The Internet is a bottomless pit of information about basketball coaching help. It is easy find information on coaching young children as well as finding information about coaching collegiate and professional basketball.

Basketball strategies, drills, practice plans, skills training, individual highlight videos and interactive playbooks can all be found on the Internet.

There are many resources available for help and assistance with coaching basketball. The resources are the Internet, you tube, books, television and videos.

Type basketball coaching help into any browser and 1.5 million sources are found. Sites such as,, and are just a few.

You tube is a fabulous source to find basketball coaching help. Many individuals, high school coaches and college coaches upload plays and drills for viewing. There are also clips of professional players running through offenses and defenses.

A search within you tube for basketball coaching help will yield 1,630 videos ranging from coaching youth basketball to basketball shooting tips to spinning a ball on your finger. There are some very complicated videos on running advanced professional basketball drills and videos about basketball bloopers.

The search can be refined to focus on specific topics, such as Duke University Spread Offense or Stanford Zone Offense. The possibilities are endless and the best part is that it is a free resource for basketball coaching. There are tons of basketball training videos on the market.

Every college and professional coach has a video about offense, defense, drills, tips and improvement. Great instructors like Ganon Baker, Jason Otter and Dre Baldwin have a progressive series of basketball training videos, all this can be found at or Books are the old standby for basketball coaching.

The advantages of books are they can go anywhere. Books become a quick reference for new drills; better practice plans and some even have half court blank diagrams for drawing up plays. Almost all basketball videos about offense and defense started as a book. A book can become more important than a video since a book allows the coach to study a play more intricately and think of it globally.

Watching video is fantastic but each movement cannot be viewed separately like a book dissects it. Television is a great source for help on basketball coaching. Every televised game has a color commentator, who is either a retired professional or collegiate player or a coach. Throughout the game they will give insight into coaching. Much of what is said can be used at every level of basketball.

The color commentator will discusses the nitrifies of a play and how it is suppose to work, will describe how to play help defense and why the team gave up an easy bucket. ESPN’s Shootaround and College Gameday are a wealth of information.

The shows have analysts that will discuss everything from the basics of shooting to the advanced techniques, such as sideline plays and quick hitter offenses. Directv runs a show about NBA practices.

The coach and players are interviewed and the coach is miked up while running a practice. You get to hear and see what the coach is coaching. One resource and maybe the most important for basketball coaching help are other coaches.

Asking how they coach, what their strategies are and how they instill their system to the team are subjects that coaches talk about. Every coach will share with other coaches, especially at the youth levels. All coaches want to learn more and speaking with more experienced coaches will only be beneficial. Most coaches are not shy or guarded and will take the opportunity to discuss their passion, basketball.



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