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Los Angeles Lakers Arena

An interesting fact about the Los Angeles Lakers arena, the Staples Center, other than it is a great location to watch a live basketball game it also is a great location to watch a live Los Angeles Clippers game!

Yes it is true the Staples Center in Los Angeles California is home to both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association. How is it that two teams that are actually in-state rivals can share the same location and not find it a bit shall we say crowded?

In this high-tech age of pneumatic engineering at a blink of an eye along with being able to utilize the same substrate hardwood floors the switch-over from Laker Blue to Clipper Red is not as hard as it would have been 10 years ago. Along with careful, extremely careful, planning, the two NBA franchises can and do share the very same forum and with little obvious complications.

Staples Center Works Quite Nicely

The Los Angeles Lakers are really in a fine location for a National Basketball Association franchise and the Staples Center works quite nicely for the demographic reason. Staples Center is a multipurpose sports arena in downtown Los Angeles, California.

The entire complex is much more than professional NBA basketball even though that would be enough since the excitement and the level of play offered by the National Basketball Association is out of this world.

LA Live Grounds Opened up on September 15, 2005

The LA Live grounds opened up on September 15, 2005. The initial mindset of the owners of LA Live was to offer entertainment, residential as well as retail exposure in the booming downtown Los Angeles demographic area.

The addition of the Los Angeles Clippers with a long-term lease further deepened the pockets of both the creators and the groundbreakers of this sort of athletics/entertainment/residential combination exposure and maybe set the standard for things to come in the future?

It just makes good economic sense for the National basketball Association to have a Colosseum environment where the two teams can play on alternative nights and still be able to utilize only one set of resources towards that athletic endeavor. After the initial shock was absorbed by the NBA fan base it is now seen as nothing but an interesting fact that the Los Angeles Lakers play in the same building as another team.

Advantages for Owners of the Staples Center

There are definitely advantages for the owners of the Staples Center and more for the parent-group LA Live. Those advantages and benefits include two leases for the space of one team, exposure to marketing concepts that can be tested on the NBA fan base while they are watching an exciting National Basketball Association premier event, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Was it just that the Lakers have such a strong following and that the run and gun style of the West Coast offense sits quite well with sharing an athletic space, or was it just that this location happened to be one of the least expensive?

Best Record in the League this Season

The Lakers, while in the Staples Center, have the best record in the league this season and are steamrolling into the playoffs with a head of steam that is led by none other than the All-Star All NBA Kobe Bryant.


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