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Fun Basketball Drills For Kids

When the goal is to provide fun basketball drills for kids it is important to remember that quality and quantity are two different realities.

Young players need to understand and learn the fundamentals of basketball before graduating onto higher exploits and more detail basketball drills.

There are so many great players in the NBA and all of them started out with being young players on high school teams and then some but not all were recruited to the finest basketball schools in the nation for college. Players such as Larry Bird and Pete Maravich were once young players that had to learn and the way they learned was from fun basketball drills for kids.

A great drill to provide the young players, in the realm of fun basketball drills for kids, would be the ever present and always fun figure 8 basketball dribbling drill. In this ball-handling drill, a set of eight cones are placed three feet apart and the object of the drill is to maneuver through the cones without touching one with the basketball or the body.

What this does is train the players to maneuver around a defender both right and left handed and allow the drive to be that better positioned for a score. The importance of utilizing both hands when dribbling cannot be over emphasized as the main goal is to provide as much offensive options as possible.

The fact remains that a player that can only drive through dribbling right or left, and not both at anytime, is to be severely-handicapped in the offensive probabilities and will not be a very strong threat or asset to the overall team function.

better shooting

The idea behind teaching drills for kids is that the fundamentals will be impounded upon their minds and bodies. Some great fundamentals are learning how to dribble through cones or even doing free-throw shooting near the end of the practice session.

What these drills will accomplish is up to the passion and drive of both the players and the coaching staff yet the bottom line is that these are going to have to be administered as often as possible.

Young basketball players tend to have a short attention span and any basketball drill intro for kids that is not fun and educational to the game of basketball will not be followed up quite as well when the player returns home.

Any good basketball drill for kids will include the ones that can be taken home and done individually on a court anywhere that child may be. Learning does not only apply during the one and one-half hour practice sessions, no not by a long shot, learning needs to be perpetual and ever present in the child’s athletic endeavor.

While it is important and factual that fun basketball drills for kids not be boring they do not also need to be 100% ecstatically fun either. Young basketball players need to understand and understand early that basketball drills are there for a reason and that reason is to teach them both personal commitment and leadership on the basketball court and off.

Most of the dynamic players in the NBA have been made privy to these drills in one form or another across the continent of America and international nowadays. The young child that was learning how to play basketball in the streets of Madrid, Spain can now be seen shooting three-pointers in the face of Dwayne Wade and other terrific NBA defenders because they were participating in the fun basketball drills for kids at a very early age, even in Europe.

Do not let one opportunity pass by when it is as important as basketball plays for young kids and make sure the kids have both fun and learn a little something each and every time they hit the court.


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