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Boston Celtics Radio

Is there a Boston Celtics radio for real?:) Well, if Boston Celtics fans cannot be situated in the vicinity of a television set or even the Internet these days then the next best thing is to listen to Boston Celtics radio

For years this was the only form of media that millions of Boston Celtics fans could listen to cheer on their beloved Celtics each and every game. That is if the local radio station picked up the affiliate from Boston.

Times have indeed changed yet there still remains a strong following for Celtics radio and the voice of the Celtics for decades, the beloved Johnny Most, who passed away January 3, 1993, has been replaced with Mike Gorman.

Johnny Most Treasured

It is very hard for most fans of Celtics radio to consider anyone having the capability to replace one of the most recognized and distinctive live action to radio professional announcers like Johnny Most. The job that Mike Gorman has done ever since that fateful day has been nothing short of spectacular for the Boston Celtics and the Celtics radio program.


Celtic Nation Waves Green Flag of Victory

Johnny Most had a gravelly voice and an overwhelming affection for not just the Boston Celtics but everything that was Boston. Mr. Most is most remembered for his screaming ecstatically of how Celtic great John Havlicek ‘stole the ball’ when the Boston star picked off an errant Philadelphia pass on the last play under the basket that preserved the Celtics 102-101 victory and gave the Celtics another banner to hang among the many in the Boston Garden.

An interesting aspect about Johnny Most was that he was not a native New Englander in fact he was a New York native and used to broadcast Net games and attended Brooklyn College. This just goes to show you that people can change and by writing their ways and cheering for the best team in the National Basketball Association!

better shooting

From bottom management all the way to the owners of the Celtics the green door is open and available for all who want to come aboard the Celtic Nation!



The Celtics radio program is heard during the NBA season on WRKO AM 680 in the Boston area. For all the Celtics fans throughout the world there are other affiliate stations that serve as main arteries such as 1440 AM in Worchester Massachusetts as well as everyone’s favorite in Bangor, Maine WWIN 620 AM.

With the power of the Internet the Celtic radio program can be heard anywhere instantaneously regardless of what continent or far-reaching island one happens to be spread out upon.


Staple for Many Decades

The Celtics radio program has been a staple for many decades and has also served as the eyes and ears of millions of Boston Celtics fans that did not either have access to the game nor have access or even own a television or computer. The Boston Celtics radio program has been up and running ever since the Boston Celtics played their first game as a National Basketball Association franchise member on June 6, 1946.

Way back then the Basketball Association of America was the only professional basketball association around and if you were a stellar college recruit and wanted to play professional basketball for money it was the Basketball Association of America.

The Boston Celtics radio program can be heard every game and the website location is Boston Celtics The season is fast-approaching the second most exciting time, the playoffs, and the Celtic radio people are gearing up for a long and successful run deep into these 2010 NBA Playoffs.



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