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Boys Youth Basketball Camp

For kids, it’s all happening at the boys youth basketball camp. The fun, the learning, the excitement, making new friends, everything. It’s the best of both worlds actually.

Boys who want to improve their skills can attend a boys’ youth basketball camp. It provides an excellent opportunity to work out with players their age, and they can make friends at the same time.

A boys’ youth basketball camp will help your youngsters develop the skills of defense, rebounding, dribbling, passing and shooting. It will also teach them teamwork.

A good camp will also immerse the boys in the sport, and will give them the kind of intensive, focused training that will bring about solid improvement. Throughout the course of the camp, their self-confidence will grow, and they will develop a stronger overall understanding of the game.

Boys will love basketball camp because they will be working with others of the same skill level. After their arrival at camp, they’ll be evaluated, so that they will be playing with others who are their equals.

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The three groups that camps are frequently divided into are:

A – for boys who are ready to learn or just learning the skills, to improve the fundamentals and start playing team basketball.

B – for Elementary and Junior High age boys who know the basic fundamentals, and want to improve their play so they can compete at the high school level.

C – for High School aged young men, who wish to improve their skills, learn to be more of a team player, and increase their level of play so they can contribute more to the varsity or JV team in high school.

At a reputable boys youth basketball camp, they will obviously supply 24-hour camp staff, so that the young boys will not be left unattended. The staff at a basketball camp usually includes players and coaches who are respected in the sport.

The staff is there to help the boys learn, and to encourage them. They are friendly, committed to the youth players, and enthusiastic to teach the boys new skills or work on developing existing skills.

The young boys may improve much more at basketball camp than they would at informal local practices. Spending at least five hours a day on the court, and in team strategy meetings, they will develop a better feel for the game and for team spirit.

The instructors will help the campers learn the basics of offense, including how to push the ball into the frontcourt, and flatten the defense by quickly sending the ball ahead.

better shooting

Boys youth basketball camps provide players with a structured approach to basketball, and a chance to experience team cooperation and personal development. Some of the drills may include:

An example of the drills your son may learn: The new double-dribble – The children take two balls for each person, and they then dribble both balls. When they have worked on this skill for awhile, have them focus on an object like a tree or a car, or a sign or bleachers if playing indoors.

Then have them dribble the balls, without looking at them, and watch them realize how difficult this can be. Have them dribble for about five minutes, and let them speed up if they catch on quickly.

Next is a speedy game that is good for the whole team. Every player gets a ball – then they stand at one end of the court. Yell “Green light!” and tell them to begin walking and dribbling upcourt. Then yell “Red Light!” and they all have to stop, and stop dribbling. The first player to the end of the court wins the contest.

As a rule, basketball camps give end-of-the-week awards for most improvement, sportsmanship and outstanding play. But the real reward that comes from camp is a new sense of self-confidence for each boy who attends.

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