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Biography of Vince Carter

There are players in the NBA that are big names and household names and then there are players that you may have heard of but still do not know much about.

This posting is about one such player, and is a biography of Vince Carter. Carter is certainly one of those under-appreciated star players in the National BasketballAssociation. This is why we thought it would be important to fill you in on one of the best players this league has ever seen.

Vincent Lamar Carter

Vince Carter was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, on January 26, 1977. His Christian birth name is Vincent Lamar Carter and at a very young age Little Vincent showed his basketball skills to his parents and his coaches alike. While playing high school ball, he was awarded the McDonald’s All-American Player Award in 1995, and it was not long after those early playing days that Vince Carter had the NBA scouts drooling over his skills.

1998-1999 NBA Rookie of the Year Award

Vince Carter played college basketball at the University of North Carolina and was picked fifth overall in the wonderful 1998 draft before being traded over to the northern neighbor and the Toronto Raptors of Canada.

better shooting

Blessed with basketball skills and a viable winning-style these traits earned Carter the 1998-1999 NBA Rookie of the Year Award and this propelled him for a very sweet spot on the NBA All-Star team. Will playing in the All-Star game Carter furthered his reputation and his winning edge by competing and winning the annual Slam Dunk Competition.

French Centers

One of the most-interesting stories involving this biography of Vince Carter revolves around a trip to Europe and a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean as well. During the 2000 Summer Olympics Vince Carter launched and literally flew-over the 7’ Olympic star center for the French team, Frederic Weis, and the French media went crazy.

They immediately dubbed this posterization of their national center by a relatively unknown American NBA star player as “flight” the “dunk of death” and it was pictured and played all over the world’s media stations.

Big Time Trade

As this is a biography of Vince Carter we need to be truthful in all that we write and discuss and at time the truth does in fact hurt.

One of the main reasons why Vince Carter is not such a household name and is not seen in the same light as Lebron James and Paul Pierce is from an incident that happened long ago while he was still a Toronto Raptor way back in the day. It seems that the local Canadian Toronto media got ahold of a story that involved Vince Carter and accused him of tipping-off a visiting team to some of the plays.


After being traded to the New Jersey Nets in which Carter is still a player and a very valuable star player at that, it seems that Carter has a new lease on life and is very happily married to his beautiful wife Ellen and they have one lovely daughter by the name of Kai.


It seems also that there’s Carter’s paternal family was involved in the whispering of tipoff rumors while Carter was a Raptor in the city of Torontoand to this day that Carter has not spoken to his paternal family. It is all for the best as Vince Carter is very happy with his wife and child and the NBAbasketball career he has made for himself with great ball skills.






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