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Cool Tips for Basketball Players

Basketball is a cool game for a variety of reasons. One could begin with the simple, obvious observations such as it being the only sport you have to constantly maintain a dribble to move with the ball or the only sport you have to shoot a ball through an iron rim at ten feet tall.

Or you could go into the more detailed, truly special aspects of the game. If the first two observations weren’t already cool enough.

Cool Tips for Basketball Players: NBA Interesting Facts

Dikembe Mutombo, one of the greatest NBA shot blockers of all-time, legal full name is Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean Jacques Wamutombo. Trying same that name five times fast.

Pete Maravich, one of the greatest college and professional scorers in the history of the game holds the record for most points in a game where the player has fouled out. His 68 points against the Knicks are the highest total ever for a player who was disqualified from a contest.

Sometimes it’s good to foul out (yeah, right, try telling your coach that!).

Maravich was also a gifted ball handler and several of his neighbors have claimed they witnessed him dribble a basketball while in a moving car at speeds up to 20 mph. Do not try this at home.

Speaking about not fouling out, did you know that Wilt Chamberlain never fouled out of an NBA game? When you think about it, this is incredible considering he averaged 46 minutes a night through his career and in 1962 played every minute of every game.

better shooting

The only two players in NBA history to turn the ball over more than 4,000 times in a career (trying doing that in a single game, I dare you) was Karl Malone and John Stockton. Interesting enough, Stockton holds the NBA career record for assists while Malone in points. Even more interesting, the Top 7 All-Time leaders in turnovers were all named to the NBA’s 50 greatest players including Moses Malone, Isaiah Thomas, Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, and Magic Johnson.

Cool Tips for Basketball Players: Guinness World Records for Basketball

1. Most underhanded free-throws in one minuteNBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry – 24 free throws

2. Longest time to spin a basketball on one finger (using one hand)Joe Odhiambo – 37.46 seconds

3. Longest time to spin a basketball on your noseJack Ryan – 4.00 seconds

4. Longest time to spin a basketball on a toeJack Ryan – 9.53 seconds

5. Most wheelchair basketball free throws in one minuteTIE NBA players Trooper Johnson (Golden State Warriors) & Jeff Griffin (Utah Wheelin’ Jazz) – 25 free throws


6. Most bounce passes ending with a slam dunk in 30 seconds Milwaukee Bucks Rim Rockers (individual names TBD) – 21 bounce passes

7. Most times a basketball can be dribbled in one minuteNBA Player Jordan Farmar (Los Angeles Lakers) – 228 dribbles

8. Most basketball free throws made in one minute(female)WNBA Player Becky Hammon (San Antonio Silver Stars) – 38 free throws

9. Most basketball underhanded half-court shots in one minuteNBA All-Star Jason Kidd (New Jersey Nets) – 2 shots

10. Most basketball over handed half-court shots in one minuteNBA All-Star Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets) – 4 shots

11. Most three pointers in two minutesNBA All-Star Jason Kapono (Toronto Raptors) – 43 three pointers

12. Most free-throws made in one minute while blindfoldedJack Ryan – 5 free throws

13. Most free throws made backwards in one minuteTIE NBA Mascot Harry the Hawk (Melvin Banks) & Nicole Joseph Dumas – 3 free throws

14. Highest basketball front flip slam dunk with a trampolineHigh Impact Squad Jerry Burrel – 10 feet 9 inches

15. Farthest basketball front flip slam dunk with a trampolineHigh Impact Team member Kevin Vandervolk – 19 feet 2 inches

Cool Tips for Basketball Players: Tip of the Day

Did you know?

You can fit two full-sized, regulation basketballs through a regulation hoop? It’s true. So next time you’re struggling with your shot, trying sinking two balls at the same time. Trust me it’s easier………NOT.



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