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History of North Carolina Tarheel Basketball

The North Carolina Tarheel Basketball team rolled away with its 5th NCAA basketball championship in 2009, and for Coach Roy Williams this was especially sweet as it marked the second as a Tarheel headmaster for the Hall of Fame coach.

The University of North Carolina Tarheel Basketball team has a great tradition in the world of NCAA college basketball. The Heels have 5 National Titles 4 and that places them 3rd only behind leader UCLA (John Wooden Dynasty) and Kansas.

Today we will take a look back and a walk on Tobacco Road as we reminisce about one of the most storied NCAA basketball programs ever to grace the hardwood courts of this nation, the University of North Carolina Tarheel basketball program.


Location of University

A big part of Carolina’s success comes from the very location of the University and the area in which they can recruit, and recruit heavily from, Tobacco Road. Famous Tobacco Road is so named because of all of the tobacco farmers in the state of North Carolina and refers to 4 outstanding scholastic as well as athletic universities in the Tar Heel state. The North Carolina State Wolfpack, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, the North Carolina Tar heels and the Duke University Blue Devils.

better shooting


North Carolina Tarheel Basketball was seemingly forever- coached by the legendary Dean Smith who won two NCAA National Titles. Dean Smith invented the 4 corners offense which kept the other team from getting the ball and outscoring the Tar Heels on many frustrating for the other team’s occasions.

The invention and the subjugation of the shot clock effectively killed the infamous for others famous for the Heels 4 corners offense. The Tarheel basketball program receives a ton of media attention and this comes from the winning tradition that the school has enjoyed almost every year.

NBA Draftees

Please have a look at a listing of the past North Carolina Tarheel Basketball program stars that went on to the ranks of the NBA. We think you will recognize at the very least three or four and most-definitely one in particular.

1948 Norman Kohler

1948 Bob Paxton

1948 Hook Dillon

1957 Lennie Rosenbluth

1958 Pete Brennan

1958 Joe Quigg

1958 Tommy Kearns

1960 Lee Shaffer

1960 Doug Moe

1961 York Larese

1961 Doug Moe

1961 Dick Kepley

1962 Jim Hudock

1962 Ken McComb

1962 Donnie Walsh

1963 Larry Brown

1965 Billy Cunningham

1966 Bob Bennett

1967 Bob Lewis

1967 Mark Mirken

1968 Larry Miller

1969 Bill Bunting

1969 Dick Grubar

1969 Rusty Clark

1970 Charles Scott

1971 Lee Dedmon

1972 Robert McAdoo

1972 Dennis Wuycik

1972 Bill Chamberlain

1972 Steve Pervis

1973 George Karl

1973 Donn Johnson

1974 Bobby Jones

1974 Darrell Elston

1974 John O’Donnell

1975 Donald Washington

1975 Ed Stahl

1976 Mitch Kupchak

1977 Walter Davis 1st

1977 Tommy LaGarde

1977 John Kuester

1977 Bruce Buckley

1978 Phil Ford

1978 Geff Crompton

1978 Tom Zaliagris

1979 Dudley Bradley

1980 Mike O’Koren

1980 John Virgil

1980 Rich Yonakor

1980 Jeff Wolf

1980 Dave Colescott

1981 Al Wood

1981 Pete Budko

1981 Mike Pepper

1982 James Worthy

1982 Jimmy Black

1982 Chris Brust

1982 Jeb Barlow

1983 Jimmy Braddock

1984 Michael Jordan

1984 Sam Perkins

1984 Matt Doherty

1984 Cecil Exum

1985 Buzz Peterson

1986 Brad Daugherty

1986 Warren Martin

1986 Steve Hale

1987 Kenny Smith

1987 Joe Wolf

1987 Dave Popson

1987 Curtis Hunter

1989 J.R. Reid

1991 Rick Fox

1991 Pete Chilcutt

1992 Hubert Davis

1993 George Lynch

1994 Eric Montross

1995 Jerry Stackhouse

1995 Rasheed Wallace

1996 Jeff McInnis

1997 Serge Zwikker

1998 Antawn Jamison

1998 Vince Carter

1998 Shammond Williams

2001 Brendan Haywood

2001 Joseph Forte

2005 Marvin Williams

2005 Raymond Felton

2005 Sean May

2005 Rashad McCants

2006 David Noel

2007 Brandan Wright

2007 Reyshawn Terry

2009 Tyler Hansbrough

2009 Ty Lawson

2009 Wayne Ellington

2009 Danny Green

2010 Ed Davis



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