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Basketball Jokes

I couldn’t find more appropriate place for these basketball jokes so I put them in this category.

If I manage to put a smile on your face or just make your day with at least one of them, then I can say, I did my job. Okay, here we go..

1 #

What can be seen from the moon?

The Great China Wall and Reggie Miller’s ears.

What about from Mars?

Only Reggie Miller’s ears.

2 #

Kobe asks Shaq:

Why don’t you shoot from the three point line?

Shaq goes:

I’ve tried it in “NBA Live 2008” about 1000 times but I never made it. So why bother?

3 #

Have you seen “Bedazzled”? Oh man, what a movie. If you haven’t, it’s a must. Especially this scene where he is sweating like hell ten times more than when he was playing the game:



4 #

When Sam Cassel’s mom was giving birth to him, the doctor must have said..

I can see the head. Oh my, what a head he’s got.

5 #

Rasheed Wallace approaches the referee and goes:

I was just wondering, is there a penalty for thinking?

The ref goes, ahem, no.

Rasheed says, well I think you’re the biggest a**hole I’ve EVER seen.

6 #

Someone let a mouse in the house?

Boykins: Yeah, you’re just jealous because I’m not abnormally tall.

7 #

If Nate Robinson was guarding Wilt Chamberlain only one thing would happen. When Wilt turns and Nate hits him on the head with the basket, Wilt would go.. Ooh, who gave me a love tap?

8 #

Hmm.. I saw the referee eating that burger, maybe it was him. Naah. Robert “Tractor” Traylor is with us. Probably he farted.

9 #

How do you know if Michael Jordan is out of shape?

1.) When he fakes left and moves to the right, his ass keeps going left.


2.) Some NBA player called his mom to guard him.

10 #

Why did Kobe Bryant go to jail?

No, it’s not about the girl she was with and all that. It’s because he shot the ball.


If you have any jokes about basketball that you would like me to add, feel free to submit them through this link.

Just put the joke in the comment field and I’ll post in up on my website as soon as I receive it.



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