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Girls Youth Basketball Tournaments

The popularity of women’s basketball with the advent of the WNBA and the excitement of Women’s March Madness has started to trickle down to a new generation of girls’ looking to become involved in sports.

A lot of these girls’ start playing basketball because they see that it can be a way to get them into college and even a possible entry into a number of professional leagues across the world.

With the newfound excitement in girls youth basketball, a number of tournaments have been put into place in order for these girls to experience the fun that the older women are having playing in their respective leagues. This gives the girls’ an athletic outlet which can help them throughout their lives.

The sport of women’s basketball has grown so quickly that for a time there was not enough spots on team’s to go around. However, this has changed very quickly as tournaments were added all over the country.

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The amount of national leagues has grown exponentially, and along with these national tournament circuits has also come an increase in state intramural tournaments, which in turn will flow into regional tournaments.

The amount of tournaments that are now competed in has also expanded the level of players that are attending these camps and tournaments.

The skill level for an entry into these national recognized tournaments is astounding and it is also very competitive, especially when you have traveling teams from all across the country attending these events.

These tournaments are also very important for girls from smaller towns that do not have girls’ basketball sponsored at their high school and this is an important way for them to be recruited by college programs that are heavily represented at these tournaments.

The most popular girls’ tournaments at present time are the Adidas, AAU, Nike, US Junior Nationals, and Blue Chip.

better shooting

Some of them can run up to $500 per entry which some girls cannot afford. However, a lot of players that do enter these tournaments can be noticed very quickly by colleges and offered scholarships.

As can be seen these tournaments are not important for a competitive standpoint, however they are important as they can be the players’ ticket to a scholarship at a major college that will give them the appropriate tools needed in order to get a college degree and go through life.


This is why that there is so much pressure on girls basketball players to get into these national tournaments in order to get noticed, no matter what there age may be, because a legit athlete in one of these tournaments will get noticed no matter what their age.


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