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Basketball Free Throw Tips

Practicing and perfecting your free throw ability is as important as any other basketball tip and trick. Many players have different strategies and a variety of Basketball free-throw tips and tricks.

However, free-throw shooting is the base to all of these. Great players practice and develop a fantastic free-throw method and stick to it it every game. Since their technique is very sound, it is not smart to make a foul against a player that score in example 90% of his free throws.

A consistent and clean free throw shot can help you change the course of the game no matter in what portion of the game you are in. Practicing free throws is a key to get your techniques developed. It has a huge mental aspect, which has a very prominent role.

However, the only thing noteworthy is that at the time of a free throw you are mentally pressurized to a great extent, as the match gets halted for all just to watch you making those free throws.

How well you handle the pressure defines how good you are. We therefore present some basketball free-throw tips and tricks to help you get perfection and handle pressure.

• Feet & shoulder should be left wide apart and should be placed parallel to each other. One of the most important Basketball free-throw tips and tricks is to get yourself comfortable.

• Your feet should be placed just behind the foul line and try bringing the foot back on the hand, which is on the non shooting side. This helps gaining balance and targeting the shot.

• You must also practice well to put your weight on the balls of the feet with knees bent a little bit. This is one of those basketball free-throw tips and tricks that not only helps to maintain a rigid posture, but also help in concentrating on your goal.

• Try supporting the ball and make it cradle in the non-shooting hand.

• You should always place the middle three fingers of the shooting hand on the seams of the ball and use the thumb to provide support for the same. In this way, you make the force from within reach up to the palm of your shooting hand.

• Bend the wrist reversely at an angle of 90 degree. You should point the basket with your elbow at an angle of 90 degree.

• Try locking the eyes on the basket. This helps you reach to the target from a closed angle and focus on it.

• The pipeline of basketball free-throw tips and tricks continues. Remember to release the ball from the fingertips only to get accuracy and the correct arc and try starting and finishing the free throw from the same point.

• Try to maintain a good follow through with the fingers pointing the target.

• One thing worth remembering is to concentrate on the game and filter out the crowd, the opponent’s rubbish talks and any other argument from your mind. Just focus and focus.

• Try developing the process of a pre-shot ritual. Dribble and spin the ball a couple of times before shooting and keep doing this every time you get a chance for a free-throw.

• Just before the moment of shooting, breathe deeply and exhale. In addition to relaxing your muscles it also increases the concentration.

• Try replicating pressure free throws during practice. It helps in the actual situation

Well, there are numerous basketball free-throw tips and tricks, but mentioning each one of them is not as easy as it sounds. Rather than noting them down, its time we get to the court and practice the ones we know already.



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