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Tips On Building Muscle

This article is full of tips on building muscle but it’s not about list of exercises you should do in order to gain muscle and lose fat.
But it WILL give you some precious tips and overlooked facts about bodybuilding.

Armed with this information you’ll stand a better chance to look much better and live longer.

Just a quick caution before I start. If you’re 15 years or younger, I suggest you take a look at this page which is about increasing your stamina.

Wait a year or two before you can seriously consider bodybuilding. Okay, here we go…Use your last repetition. That means doing repetitions until you can’t perform another one. At that high point your muscles are getting ready to grow the most.

I’m saying “getting” ready because they grow when you sleep.

Another important tip is to workout hard. Wow Trajko, what a concept. Thanks. No, no. I know you know that and you’ve been told zillion times. But when you’re in the gym, workout fully for an hour.

Don’t get carried away with posing and talking with others. And you shouldn’t be there for more than an hour. If you’ve worked real hard you wouldn’t be able to train more. That’s what you want.

The muscle is 70% water so don’t forget to over-hydrate your body. Ideal number of repetitions is 10 to 15 (this can vary greatly though) with no more than a minute break between sets. Nutrition is the key.

Eat more red meat and fish for proteins. If you don’t see immediate results, don’t sweat it. Trust the system. And trust these tips on building muscle:)

You may be one of those people who need more time to develop muscles. It will happen for you if you persist. Because hey…

This is life. Building muscle is slow and painful. Had it been easy and fast everybody would’ve had great bodies and they wouldn’t mean anything to us. So you can’t expect an ultra super body within a few weeks.
Yeah, if you wanna lose some weight or tighten up those muscles, sure. But I’m talking about having a body attractive enough that even guys would turn their heads when you walk by. Not to mention the girls:)

Here’s what the experts say. “Generally it takes at least 3 years of training to progress from the beginner, to the intermediate, and on to the advanced levels of training.”

Take a week off if you’ve overtrained or you feel that your muscles are still recovering. Remember, if you continue working out even when your muscles aren’t fully recovered is like shooting yourself in the foot. Like, literally. I know we have other things to do in life but we also want great bodies. Well, this is tough and it requires your commitment. Don’t be too physically active after working out. Take a good rest.

There’s a debate on whether you should increase the number of repetitions or the intensity meaning the weight.

I’d say increase the number of reps because that’s how you develop muscle that lasts for good. I’m a big believer in whatever is quickly gained is quickly lost. So don’t try to eat the whole elephant at once. Start slow and gradually build it all up.

To keep a strong and tight muscles, less is more. I know it’s hard to find someone who is in the middle. Meaning someone who’s not overtraining nor not training enough. Keep in mind that generally, as a rule of thumb, working every second day is the best for optimal results.

Consult your doctor to make sure there isn’t anything you don’t know about yourself. Subscribe to magazines. Surf the net. Talk to more people who are doing this kinda stuff and build some muscle.

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