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Kevin Garnett Bio

In viewing one of the best NBA basketball players of all time, this Kevin Garnett bio will be full of excitement and exponentially increasing NBA careerstats.

The reason why Kevin Garnett is a treasured center for the Boston Celtics and is one of the favorite sons of the City of Boston is that this man really cares about his community as well as his beloved Celtics.

From miles around people flock to thebasketball practice game arena of the Boston Celtics just to get a glimpse of their hero Kevin Garnett. Very few centers or players in the NBA for that matter have come close to the philanthropic feeling that Kevin Garnett has created.

Many people say if you can’t find Kevin hanging around the Boston Celticslocker room or practicing some jump shop you could always find him on the streets of Boston. Kevin Garnett offers free meals and money so that families and individuals can eat a nice hot meal.

There is the reason why many NBA players and fans and just people in general adore Kevin Garnett even the ones that have to play against him time and week after week in titanic battles which usually come out where Kevin Garnett is winning the game! He’s such a nice guy and they just cannot fall in love with him!

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This Kevin Garnett bio will focus on the man as an individual and a human and not just as a professional NBA All-Star basketball player for the Boston Celtics. What’s cool about a Kevin Garnett bio is that this is one the greatest players of all time and he did not even go to college!

Can you blame him with all that talent the risk of having a career-ending injury before his NBA career was even started is in no way advantageous or worth the risk.

All the intelligent players, who have gone straight from high school to the pros, knew they were something special and could not risk injury no matter what the colleges were or who was drooling over this talent of a decade.

Kevin Garnett’s high school career began in the little high school called MaldenHigh School which is located in upstate South Carolina.

As a senior Kevin Garnett transferred and played his last year of non-NBAbasketball at Farragut Academy in the mean streets of Chicago. No doubt that this family move was precipitated by the fact that Kevin Garnett needed to be seen in a bigger spotlight.

The location of South Carolina could not afford him anything more as he just kept on swatting shots and dunking the ball all the time on smaller less skilled players in the State. After heading to Chicago Kevin Garnett would spend his senior year awing NBA talent scouts as well as collegiate recruiters.

When Kevin Garnett was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves it ushered in the dawn of a new era for the Twin Cities National Basketball Association franchise. The NBA has been graced with the likes of Kevin Garnett and this Kevin Garnet bio was done with so much passion and love for the man that has changed the face of old Minnesota and Boston basketball forever.

Kevin Garnett is already a legendary superstar in his own right and is just a matter of time before he will be leading the way to yet another NBA championship with his Boston Celtics. This center has so many great and wonderful playing years left in him that the question is just how many championships are left in this all-star!





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