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The NBA Cheerleaders

Aren’t the NBA cheerleaders one of the sexiest girls out there. It’s like you don’t see these incredibly attractive women anywhere else in the world.

It’s the best of both worlds for many people because they get to watch the most exciting game, and, enjoy watching these amazing women.

They’re especially effective when the team that they’re cheering for is winning or it’s pretty much a tie and they need to encourage the crowd to get up on their feet and support their team.

The cheerleaders are considered the straight shooters and just telling your friends you’re hooking up with this Orlando or Laker girls or whatever, increases your reputation through the roof.

Franchises spend a great deal of money on training these girls and lot of them are extremely picky. Here are some interesting pictures of them over here. But heck, I’m sure you didn’t even read this:

The NBA Dancers

Celtics Cheerleaders

Houston Cheerleaders

LA Cheerleaders

Utah Jazz Cheerleaders

NY Knicks Cheerleaders

Milwaukee Bucks Cheerleaders


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