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Duke Basketball Camps

You wanna attend the Duke basketball camps? You’ve come to the right place…

The perennial college basketball power Duke Blue Devils with their legendary coach Mike Kryzewski has one of the best basketball camps available in the entire country.

The Duke Basketball Camp celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2010 and as in the previous 29 years this camp continues Coach K.’s emphasis on fundamentals and a highly competitive atmosphere as being the major vehicles to both athletics as well as individual educational growth. The age group for the Duke Basketball Camp is 12 to 16. Coach K. runs 3 basketball camps from June 19 through the 23rd June 26-30 July 3 7.

Camps are Recognized in State of North Carolina

The new and improved Duke Basketball Camps, as mentioned earlier, have been around for three decades and with that in mind and with the prestige and the recognition that both the Duke University Blue Devils and Coach K. brings to the table makes it number one.

It would take the University of North Carolina and the University Kentucky combined to create a camp that even comes close to the experience and education that can be gleaned from attending the these camps.

These camps are that good and are recognized in the State of North Carolina as one of the most dynamic and exciting activities a young basketball player can engage in regardless of their age or gender.

Girls Attend Duke Women’s Basketball Camps

The Duke Women’s Basketball Camp operates almost exactly in the same format and fashion as the Duke’s men’s basketball camps except with one difference and that is Coach K. is not there.

This makes little difference as the impressive and equally dynamic collection of Duke College Women’s Basketball coaches are on hand to fill the hole which is to provide leadership and basketball skills with sharpened basketball exercises. While there is so much more the these camps offer this is a short review and we want to make sure you had the fundamentals down as who, what, when and where.

Duke Basketball Campers Benefit from Wealth of ExperienceParticipants in the Duke Basketball Camp benefit from a wealth of experience and instructors and speakers that personally are either friends of Coach K. or have been taught by this Hall of Fame soon-to-be coach either in another college or at Duke University.

This means that Grant Hill or Christian Laettner could wander in any time and that alone would be worth the price of a few days and nights as a young basketball player in the hills of Durham, North Carolina. College and high school coaches as well as players across the country complete the core of the camps instructional coaches and teachers. With just a collective group of basketball passionate experts the campers are reared quickly with first-hand insight and training from the coaches who know what it takes to improve and develop both on and off the court.

Cameron Crazies

The weekly camps are run with practice and nutrition and plenty of other exercises and rest along with of course learning essential basic skills of the game of basketball. Towards the end of the camp week a game will be played pitting an equal number of players on each side with Coach K. serving as the dual coach for both teams.

Fun and learning can go hand-in-hand and this is what Coach K. and the Camps celebrate with never-ending ideas and methods and fashions. One never knows what to expect from these Cameron Crazies inspired Coach K. camps as the visitors can be lined up outside and the professional NBA active players that come visit Coach K. and also to pay homage to the man that either made them first-round draft picks for the Boston Celtics or taught them lifelong learning skills that replicate well in the world of business.



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