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Houston Rockets Rumors

The Houston Rockets have usually been protected from the Houston Rockets rumors that has affected and afflicted other teams in the NBA.

There have been some rumors floating around about certain star players of the Houston Rockets but normally those are not the media-feed type. The current 2010 Houston Rockets team centers on their All-Star international imported center Yao Ming. This 7 footer is no stranger to the Houston Rockets rumor mill ever since his arrival from the most populated country in the world China.

As the importance has always been on obtaining and retaining quality players for the Houston Rockets ownership and management Yao Ming fits that winning schematic to a tee. Quiet and confident in addition to being a very impressive and skillful NBA basketball player Ming leaves little to gossip about.

Media and Tabloids have Created a Monster

As other NBA teams muddle through the rumor mill mainly concentrating on rumors of trades and other important professional basketball issues there are other factors that weigh into a player’s personal lives that creates rumors as well.

What an NBA player does in his own personal time should be his business yet the media and the tabloids have created such an interest in only the most highly-paid and highly-respected NBA players it is hard to dispute these and differentiate them from fact or fiction. The real definition of rumors, for the Houston Rockets rumors mill, would be a fabrication of the truth. And the fabrication of the truth in Texas is well-known as a lie.

All-Star Pleasure and Gift for City

Many of the Rockets rumors as mentioned earlier involve around their towering center Yao Ming. This perpetual All-Star has been both a pleasure and a relief to not only the Houston Rockets in the NBA but the entire City of Houston. While there have always been rumors it is hard to think of one that involved any source of negativity when it was pointed directly at the giant Center from China.

If there was to be a rumor about Yao that would have to be one that involves the amount of money he contributes to local Houston children’s hospitals and other coordinated contributory activities as this is what Mr. Ming’s interests are outside of basketball.

Rockets Playing in the 2010 NBA Finals Championship

The Houston Rockets rumors that are good and beneficial to the team are the ones that see them going far in the 2010 playoff scenario. One such rumor is that the Rockets will win the NBA Finals Championship and play against the San Antonio Spurs for an all Texas Finals for the first time in the history of the National Basketball Association.

That would undoubtedly be a great time to see Yao Ming matched-up against Tim Duncan in a pivotal Clash of the Titans that would spark both fan interest and a plethora of marketing media support. The Houston Rockets bring to the table an all-star lineup including Yao Ming and his teammate Tracy McGrady.

The Houston Rockets rumors are usually flying about how well the team will do against their in-state rival’s the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs. The Houston Rockets have done remarkably well ever since they recruited Moses Malone straight out of high school a few decades ago.

Constant Threat to Win an NBA Championship

The Rockets were a constant threat to win an NBA Championship in the middle 80’s. The Houston Rockets have had great power struggles from the Dallas Mavericks with their superstar center Dirk Novenski as well as the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan.

All in all the Houston Rockets have been competitive when playing both of their in-state rivals and this comes from the fact that the individual cities in the State of Texas really back and love and support their NBA franchises.


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