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Boston Celtics Website

With a green background and a winking leprechaun looking right at you, the Boston Celtics website is a site for sore eyes.

The Internet location of is the official NBA Boston Celtics web portal. There is so much activity and a plethora of relevant as well as some relatively just for fun information it is hard to know where to start!

The Boston Celtics are a revered and well-respected franchise in the National Basketball Association. With over 50 years in the league the Boston Celtics have legions upon legions of fans the world over.

Larry Bird Kevin Garnett Bill Russell

The Boston Celtics website has links to every single past and current player that has ever adorned the green and cream of the Boston Celtics.

It does not matter if the player only had one play in his entire Celtic career there will be atleast some information about that player on the Celtics website. Of course the standard megastars such as Larry Bird, Kevin Garnet, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy and all the other great and fantastic Celtic players have entire pages devoted in homage to their service to the Celtic organization.


Pantheon of Basketball Greatness

While it is important to mention that every NBA team has a website this does not mean that all sites are created equal not by a long shot. The Celtics website will of course be the favorite for Celtics fans regardless of the way it is built or the way the information is laid out and accessible.


Whoever was responsible for putting both content and graphic design into the creation of the Celtics website did a mighty fine job indeed.

Other than player information there are links that demonstrate the knowledge and pantheon of basketball greatness from the titanic struggles of Bill Russell versus Wilt Chamberlain all the way to the storied encounters of Bird and Magic the Celtics website has it all.

better shooting

Boston Celtics Iconic Leprechaun

The website for the Boston Celtics is laid out as any other professional sports website with a few variations that make it truly and uniquely Celtic pride-related. For starters the green color that is so loyal to the land of the Irish as well as the Boston Celtics iconic leprechaun is used quite readily throughout the website.

This makes sense as the color of the Boston Celtics can go from visiting green and black to the home cream and green depending upon an away or home game.


16 NBA World Championships

The Boston Celtics website has the extra-added bonus benefit of being able to advertise and promote the 16 NBA World Championships that were obtained while in the confines of the fabled Boston Garden.

Presently with the team now playing in TD Garden it is important to look back on those years and decades and world championships with pride and honor as no longer do the banners hang from the Boston Garden rafters.

The Boston Celtics website displays, in virtual form, the Celtic’s championship banners that are hung in the rafters of the Garden in honor of the players on the Celtics team that earned those world championships.


Celtics-Lakers Rivalry

For Celtics fans nothing warms the heart more than to see those championship banners flying high in the rafters above the parquet floor that was the Boston Garden.

The Celtics website has pages upon pages exclusively related to the Celtics-Lakers rivalry, Red Auerbach and the New Big Three! With so much going for it the Boston Celtics website is one of the highest visited sites of the National Basketball Association and deservedly so as it honors not only a team but the support that is granted that team from the City of Boston.

The Celtics in 1986

The Celtics in the Playoffs




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