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Girls Overnight Basketball Camps

So why this page on girls overnight basketball camps? Just what are girl’s overnight basketball camps and why does this seem like a slumber party and not a traditional organized basketball camp?

Obviously any summertime basketball camp will require the girl to spend the night at least one night unless it is a total day camp. Overnight means just that spending the night in a basketball playing girl needs be prepared for that environment. We will just say that this review is about basketball camps that run 3 to 4 days and require the female athlete to bed down for a few nights.

Differences in Girl’s Basketball Camp and a Boys Basketball

The difference between a girl’s basketball camp and a boys basketball camp especially the ones that require them to sleep overnight is the gender.

No longer are the girl’s camps seen as slumber party sleepovers wear giggling-girls toss up a ball and run to the sideline embarrassed as it careens off into the stands.

The girl’s overnight basketball camps of today seem like the boys camps in the 80’s. Rapid change is happening although it is not what everyone wants but it is the way it’s going to be for girl’s basketball even though quantum leaps have been made to bring the girls game up to level of the boys game of basketball.

better shooting

WNBA a Moderate Success

With the WNBA being a moderate success as well as the great college women’s programs of Tennessee and Connecticut the effectiveness of a girls overnight basketball camps experience cannot be understated are undervalued.

There should be a girl’s basketball camp during this upcoming summer in your locality or definitely in the next larger town over. Since they are going to stay a few nights this should not be a problem as long as you have adequate and safe transportation to and from the campsite.

We do not take privilege with talking down to you as if everyone has two cars in their garage and lives in a gated white-picket fence mansion. This is just not the reality for most of the population of the United States or the world.

Please make certain that your child has the appropriate gear and supplies as any 16 or 18 year old would need for a few days away from home.

Doing Wind Sprints to Shooting Layups or Free-Throws

Girl’s overnight basketball camps teach the fundamentals of basketball in a secure and safe environment. From doing wind sprints to shooting layups or free-throws to defensive-positions the basic skills that are required to play a good game of basketball are taught.

Many girls that complete overnight basketball camps report that it was this encounter and experience that propelled them into seeking a scholarship or landing a spot on the varsity basketball team above all others. That is a large statement to make about basketball camps in general especially the ones wear close bonds that could last a lifetime is formed.

better shooting

400 to Upwards of Thousands of Dollars

The cost of these girls overnight basketball camps range anywhere from 400 to upwards of thousands of dollars. This all depends on the quality of the summer camp in question and also the location and what level of basketball orientated visitors will be coming.

As these are usually teenage girls and teenage girls have interests that are more along the lines of celebrity and high profile individuals, it is important that an overnight basketball camp for girls be selected that provides such encounters and experiences.

The bottom-line is that your child and your female child need to have structure and organization when it comes to learning great skills sets of basketball.



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