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College Basketball Draft

Getting ready for the college basketball draft? The day that many young high school basketball players look to with great anticipation and heart-beats is draft day or otherwise known as the college basketball draft.

The culmination of over a decade of physical hard work and months on the black tops and high school gymnasium floor has come to this.

While it is sure that only a very small percentage of high school basketball players will receive some form of scholarship offer 3 to 5% of the entire high school basketball playing class, it is important to give both support as well as a positive attitude when going through this nail-biting process.

University of Memphis

Speaking from experience as being recruited by a Division I college basketball team is important to maintaining a positive attitude and if all else fails and the entire support network is either nonexistent or didn’t seem to care much, then you will have the best opportunity to be recruited by a big-time college program.

What this is trying to impress upon is that your basketball skills and your scholastic record in the form of not only grades but demeanor will be best rewarded when you receive a scholarship offer from the University of Memphis this fall.

Fall Right Before Basketball Season

As the college basketball draft occurs in the fall right before basketball season it is important to really know what that draft does to the lives of high school basketball players.

The college basketball draft is an exciting time and a place where a player’s life, especially for the lucky ones who get recruited by a big-time collegiate basketball powerhouse such as Kentucky or Duke, can change just that quick.

better shooting

Everyone wins when a player gets selected for a scholarship offer starting from the high school coach of that said player. The word will get out and that coach will be interviewed by the local news depending upon how small the school is and what college or university has offered a scholarship.

College Basketball is Exciting and Fun

The world of college basketball is an exciting and fun-filled activity and the high school juniors and seniors that receive scholarship offers must make a firm commitment both verbally and written before the ride may be officially offered by the university or college.

There are five things that will benefit any high school basketball player when it comes to being recruited by a college or university to play on the basketball team the upcoming basketball season. Recall that football begins in the fall and basketball always predates football but the recruitment process really gets to going in the middle of the football season during the fall.

This is because the recruiting college universities count down to the very minute of the time that the NCAA dictates for them to make contact with the young high school basketball player.

The Top Five Benefits for Receiving Athletic Scholarship for Basketball

• Recruiting Gears up In the Freshman Year
• College Recruiters and College Coaches don’t Accidentally Discover Your Talent
• High-tech has Entered the College Recruiting World Online
• Less than 1% Receive a full Direct Interest Scholarship Basketball Offer
• Be realistic: High School Coach Cannot Get You Scholarship But They Can Help

better shooting

The college basketball draft happens in the fall with a revolving schedule that is normally the first week of August. As the draft day goes so do the hopes and dreams of families all across this basketball playing continent that is called North America.
With so much riding for not just the player but their entire family on this child receiving a scholarship to play at the big university in the area it is important to cover all your bases especially with grades and attitude.



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