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Basketball Spin Move

Is there a better more haunting move than the basketball spin move in all of basketball?

No way as this dribbling move has left defenders grabbing for air and looking very silly indeed! The best way to learn how to complete this great offensive move is to have a look at the steps presented below. In this way you will be able to feel exactly what it will take to not only fake out these pesky defenders but to clear a way to the basket as well!

Facing a Defender

• Step 1 – Approach your set defender with speed and control of the basketball and confidence.

• Step 2 – Plant your pivot foot 2 to 4 feet from your defender’s foot and use that as a guide.

• Step 3 – Rotate, turning your back on your defender so that he gets a good look at what he is going to see as you streak to the basket in about 1.4 seconds!

• Step 4 – Make certain that the basket ball is in your far outside hand if you’re dribbling. You’ll want to switch hands halfway between the overall spin move so be prepared to do this all-important step after all it is a spin move! Spinning will shake the defender as if they are not prepared for this the 50/50 chance will throw them off totally!

• Step 5 – Follow through with the spin until you are clear of the defender then select sweet 20 foot jumper or dazzling penetrating inside move.

The overall end result for any dribbling move is to lose the defender. There are only two reasons to dribble the ball offensively that is and one is to move with the ball legally the other to lose defenders.

The art of dribbling has seen very little change for decades as the ball cannot be altered the sport of basketball has seen it all! The modern style of dribbling can be spoken about for a moment since it does involve more fancy ball and foot work than the professionals of yester-year.

Moving Without the Ball

The goal is to get open and as close to the basket as possible. The only way to accomplish that goal is to battle for an open position. When you position yourself to receive a pass or grab a rebound after a missed shot it is important that you make certain that your body and mind is in the right place.

This starts by selecting an area on the floor that you want to get to and moving yourself there. Moving without the ball is not a complicated basketball movement yet it is one of the most important movements in the game of basketball.

Dangerous Offensive Weapon the Basketball Spin MoveThe basketball spin move has been around for awhile now and has taken many a player to higher levels within the game. Any offensive-minded player that can readily and upon command manufacture this move will be a dangerous weapon indeed.

He will be able to receive the ball and do something with it, score. Depending upon how proficient the player is with scoring he will be able to better position himself for open shots and even streaking free lay-ups.

That is the beauty of a correctly demonstrated basketball spin move. Clearing an opening for either a clear shot or a drive to the basket, either way points can be achieved.

Points and the building up of those tow and three-pointers are the reasons that basketball dribbling moves were created. Any good basketball player that desires to become a great basketball will need to learn and understand that dribble moves.



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