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Paul Pierce Biography

Why this Paul Pierce biography? Well, one of the most influential players of the entire Boston Celtics franchise history is forward Paul Pierce.

There have been many before him who has helped hang banner after championship banner in the now defunct Boston Garden yet currently there is no other player on the Boston Celtics who has been so influential and proof positive that persistence pays than the eternal Paul Pierce.

Paul Pierce Recruited by Boston Celtics 2001

From his humble beginnings in the prairies of Kansas playing for the Kansas Jayhawks during college Paul Pierce always has been a proven winner on and off the court. Pierce demonstrated his athletic as well as intellectual ability after graduating with honors from the University of Kansas.

After winning the national championship Paul Pierce was then recruited by the Boston Celtics and 2001 and has not looked back ever since. With a World Championships under his belt already, the 11 year pro-has set his sights on yet another World Championship this time with the 2010 Boston Celtics.

A supporting cast that is full of NBA All-Stars including Kevin Garnet and Ray J. Rondo has the Boston Celtics waltzing into the playoffs of 2010 and as a early pick to repeat as World Champions.

Multimillion Dollar Contract

Paul Pierce signed a multimillion dollar contract after being recruited by the Boston Celtics and has led the Eastern Division leading team in many categories for most of his 11 year career. Currently Paul Pierce is the only Celtic star to start all 82 games and became the first to score 2000 points since Larry Bird completed that phenomenal event in the 1987–88 season.

Has Town of Boston Screaming Pierce

It is not only his outstanding achievement on the court that had everybody abuzz it is his off-season moves that not only has the town of Boston screaming Pierce but also the entire basketball league that is the National Basketball Association.

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A philanthropic man with one of the biggest hearts in all the NBA, Paul Pierce annually donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to Boston area children’s hospitals and other youth activities that have cemented his name as one of the leaders in the Boston athletic professional community.

That is in pretty good company with the New England Patriots not too far away and considered the NFL football team for the Boston area since the Metropolitan of Boston does not have an NFL franchise.

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Paul Pierce Sparked an Amazing Celtics Comeback

Paul Pierce wears number 34 and has since signing his lucrative contract in 2001 with the Boston Celtics. He has had many 40 point performances in his long and illustrious career including a monumental 46 point performance in a decisive game five victory against Philadelphia.

In game four of the Eastern Conference Semifinals versus the Detroit Pistons Paul Pierce sparked an amazing Celtics comeback scoring 21 of his game-high 29 points all in the second half. Of those 28 game-high points 19 came in the decisive fourth quarter in which the game was in question all the way to the final bucket by Paul Pierce.

2010 NBA Playoffs

Showing no signs of slowing down this all-star performer for the Boston Celtics has his Boston team trying to get ready for a run in the 2010 NBA Playoffs. Only time will tell if Paul Pierce can lead his Celtics to another NBA World Championship but the City of Boston and all of Massachusetts are cheering for this Jayhawk turned Celtic NBA All-Star to lead his team to yet another victory!

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