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Various Fun Basketball Drills

These are various fun basketball drills that will stimulate your players if you’re a coach, but also, some of them, you can do alone or with your buddy. Some drills are more boring than others. That’s a fact! I hated doing those(:
And as a coach you should never let the opinion of your kids influence you in any way. If you think a certain drill is useful for running or dribbling, then do it.

By all means. But that doesn’t mean that some drills shouldn’t be little more fun. You know what I mean? There’s always a way to experiment. To be creative and come up with your own versions of some drills.

Add some twist to it. Make it more competitive. Give the losers extra sprints or push ups and reward the winners.

To get your mind going, here are some interesting little drills…

Mid-Air Passing

This first one is done with two players only and it develops passing and jumping. The two players pass each other the ball. When they are catching the ball they must jump first, catch it in mid-air and throw it back. All in mid-air.
And as they do it, they’ll slowly move further and further away from each other without stopping with those passes. If they can manage from 30 feet or more that’s great. At one point, one will make a mistake. To make it little competitive, you, as a coach, have 2 or more groups of 2 players do this routine.

The group that lasts the longest, or make the most passes, wins.

Be Quick

You stand in the middle. There are 4-5-6 players around you. And every single move you make, the others must copy. You have a ball and so do your players. If you’re jumping or doing some dribbling, yeah, you get the point.

Then when you say “quick”, the others must get in a defensive stance. When you say get down they should continue doing what you’re doing. When somebody makes a mistake he goes out. Or another option is to make some push ups and return to the game.

better shooting


This fun basketball drill improves your reflexes. Put a group of kids at the baseline but don’t put them too closely together. Maybe 5 or 6 will be enough.

Every kid has a ball to dribble. When your say “green light” the kids will dribble forward. If you say “blue light” they’ll go left. If you say “yellow light” they go right and red is to stop. This is to develop speed, reflexes and dribbling.

better shooting

Number Game

You put two teams on each side of the court. Every player has its own number (let’s say from 1 to 5). When you shout the number 2, for example, those two players will come to play full court one on one.

The player who scores one point is the player who wins. The other, ahem, leaves. So now we have 5 on 4. Then you call every player to play one on one. The team who has “lost” all the players can choose between suicides, push ups or run a few laps.


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