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Basketball Shooting Article

Basketball shooting, definitely the most important part of the game of basketball as it is the way a team scores 90% of the time, with the other 10% being the more popular dunks and lay-ups.

Basketball shooting can be done in many ways and in fact a lot of players have distinguished jump shots that differentiate their game from other players in their respective league.

Players also are known for their different ranges of shot, where as some have perfected the long-range jumper, others have perfected a hook shot from close range. Either way the shot in basketball is what makes the game go.

Shooting a basketball is about 10% physical and 90% mental. There is more to shooting a basketball than just putting both hands above your head and flinging it towards the hoop.

A player needs to be able to think about the shot before putting it up in the air. Having complete control of your shots will allow the player to be much more successful in the game of basketball.

The Mental part of shooting a basketball includes many things; however they can be summed up pretty easily. The three most important parts are concentration, confidence, and the ability to relax.

Concentration is important because the game of basketball is a fast moving game where there are a lot of distractions that can cause a player to become nervous before shooting a basketball by not concentrating at the task at hand. With a lot of practice, the player will know to block out distractions such as players running towards him or players yelling during their shot to throw them off.

The best shooters in the world can put a shot up with full concentration because of the amount of practice they have put in. Nothing can make them change the way they shoot because of the amount of concentration that they have put into the task at hand.

Another important aspect is simply learning to relax and let the shot just happen. If the player over thinks the shot or cannot relax then more times than not the shot will be missed because the player is doing too much. The ability to relax is most important when taking a free throw, there is no one guarding you and there is no distraction it is just between you and the hoop.

You have all the time in the world to take your shot, however most players will become nervous because they work themselves up expecting that they are supposed to make every shot from the free throw line. By not being able to relax you have already set yourself up for failure.

Lastly, the most important mental aspect of shooting a basketball is the ability to become confident in your shot. You have to believe that whenever your shot goes in the air that it is going through that metal cylinder ten feet from the ground. Of course no one is perfect and no one will make every shot that they take. However, there are a few things that you can do to not affect your confidence level.

This includes not taking overly-difficult shots unless necessary (i.e time running out) and do not take shots if you do not feel comfortable with the shot selection. The most important thing is to keep trying and not give up. Some of the best shooters in the world can change their game quickly after making one big shot. This will boost their confidence level to a new high and in turn will make their game that much better.



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