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Basketball Facts

Dr. James Naismith is recognized as the inventor of basketball. He was a Canadian who relocated to the United States much to the joy of millions of basketball players and fans the world over. Basketball was born from a simple child’s game known as Duck-on-a-Rock outside his one-room schoolhouse.

The actual peach-basket version that Dr. Naismith created in Springfield, Massachusetts years later is now played on every continent and has some of the world’s best athletes in the NBA within its confines.


Naismith Created the Game of Basketball

The interesting facts concerning just how Naismith created the game of basketball are so much fun to learn about. For starters, Dr. Naismith with direct orders from Dr. Luther Gulick, head of Physical Education at the School for Christian Workers, was given a very slim time frame (14 days) to create an indoor game that would provide an “athletic distraction” for a rowdy class through the brutal New England winter.


Not Many Choices for Children

Naismith’s invention didn’t come easily. We must recall that this was a far different time era then we are living in today. The children did not have many choices when it came to things to do while indoors. Getting close to the deadline, he struggled to keep the class’ faith.

His first intention was to bring outdoor games indoors, i.e., soccer and American lacrosse.

These types of sporting games proved way too laborious for the students and were rapidly abandoned. At his wits’ end, Dr. Naismith remembered an early childhood game that required players to use finesse and exhibit endurance to become winners.

After brainstorming this new idea, Naismith developed basketball’s original 13 rules and consequently, the game of basketball. As basketball’s popularity grew, Naismith neither sought publicity nor engaged in self-promotion.

Capability and Muscle-Building Benefits

Naismith was a medical doctor as well as a physical education instructor. He knew all too well the capability and the muscle-building benefits that any form of sporting event could give to his students.

What he did not know was just how beneficial the game he was on the verge of creating would have for every player that ever was to dribble a basketball. The game was created and now it is known as simply basketball.

Scoring in the Game of Basketball Simplistic but Energizingly Joyful!

A really great fact concerning basketball is the method in to which the game is scored. No other game prior to the creation of basketball was as interesting and fun to play while being very simple to score as this sport. The definition of how basketball is scored and in the end the one tam with the most points wins is presented below.

This is of course relatively common knowledge yet we find it important to repeat for all those that are debating upon whether or not to pick up the rock.


2 Point Field Goal- Shot that is Made from Anywhere on the Court Inside the 3-Point Line

3 Point Field Goal- Shot Made from Anywhere Outside the 3 Point Arc (Line)

Free Throw- 1 Point for this Unguarded Shot Taken from Behind the Free Throw Line



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