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Doc Rivers Reacts to the Media Frenzy over Celtic Heat NBA Season Opener

Can you recall any NBA season opener with more hype and intrigue than this one?

We most-certainly cannot and this is the reason for this review and reiteration of what the chief headmaster of the Celtics, Doc Rivers, had to say about all this hyperbole. “Well, yeah,” the Celtic’s coach responded to the inevitable question. “I remember the Atlanta Hawks.” Coach Rivers then released a very noticeable chuckle as he corrected himself from the above stated in-jest comment.


This is undoubtedly the largest season opener in the history of the storied NBA and can be matched up to some of the truly great tip-offs that have occurred throughout the National Basketball Associations history. Please have a look at two of those early-season NBA games and try to recall if you even remember when they occurred?

More importantly than the final outcome of these early season testers is the fate of the winning teams, of which you will be surprised to see where these winners ended up at the end of the year.

2008-2009 – Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers Celtic Win – Boston Runner-up to LA Lakers for NBA Title

1991-1992 – Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls Bull’s Win – Chicago NBA Champions

We kinda set you up on those two as the winners of the season openers definitely did not fail and out of those two contests came two NBA Championship playing teams with MJ’s Bulls really starting their dynasty that would end up lasting an entire decade for the Bulls.

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Through Their Teeth

On Tuesday night the NBA world will be turned on its proverbial head with these players battling it out on the hardwood in Miami; LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, Rajon Rondo, Erik Spoelstra all in one rocking-building. If anyone ever says they’ve seen a bigger opening night than this, they’re lying right straight through their smiling-teeth!


One Game Only

We thoroughly understand that this is just one game, but it’s obviously a very, very big NBA game. Please see what Coach Doc Rivers has to say for real about the height of this great game to be; “I see it as a fun game,” Doc Rivers said. “It’s an interesting game. It’s nice that a lot of people want to pay attention to it.

But then you know, after that game, we’ve got 81 more. You obviously want to win, especially because it’s at home and it’s against a team that you may face in the playoffs. But after the game, it becomes just one of 82.”



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