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Basketball Camps

Attending basketball camps is a great way to learn. How to play and increase a player’s skill set.

Almost every town across the world runs a summer instructional basketball camp hosted by either a local coach or a high school team. These camps a relatively inexpensive and the player will learn the basics of the game.

Dribbling, shooting, passing and defending are all part of the curriculum. The camp is great for the beginner and intermediate player. The player will get a lot of touches and learn some fundamental technique. Learning correctly at a young age will pay dividends later in their careers.

The downside of this low level camp, especially those hosted by a town recreation department or local high school team is the instructors will be a high school player or local coach. Their focus is not an individual player development but as monitor of a group of kids. They will not teach the technical aspects of the game.

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World’s Best Basketball Camp


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The positive side is a young player will get plenty of repetitions and have the ball in their hands. The next level camp is an instructional camp hosted by a local college program and is a better choice for the intermediate player. The instructors will be college players and the head coach will teach campers some technical skills and the basketball curriculum will be more advanced.


The college player is more likely to correct a young player and have the ability to demonstrate the skill it proficiently. The player will be playing a lot of basketball but with the large numbers of campers repetitions can be limited.

Many young campers will develop a relationship with the college players and the college and will return year after year. The major goal of the college basketball camps is to raise money for their own program. Because of this the camp will take as many sign-ups as possible and camps can become overcrowded very quickly.

The camp is no longer concerned with instruction to player ratio and the can goes form instructional to just have fun environment. So what camp does the advanced, AAU player go to. Over the last 10 to 15 years the sneaker companies have gotten involved and run select and invitation only camps.

These camps are for the top college prospects and are held during open viewing periods. The camps become recruiting hotbeds and players see the camps as tryouts. The camps have intense conditioning and instructional components all in an effort to show college coaches the player’s ability to learn, comprehend and work ethic.

The invitees realize they are being evaluated and will bring their “A” game and this makes for extreme competition as each top player vies to impress the top college in the country and world. Some of the top invitation camps will have a smaller follow up camp with only the top performers of the original camp. The sneaker companies Nike, Reebok, and Adidas all run exposure camps.

They have a two-fold purpose. If the company invites a player and become famous wearing their shoes it could mean millions of dollars. There are several private companies that host player exposure camps through the world.

Player’s Choice, Coach’s Choice, Bluechip Basketball, USA Select, Women’s Basketball Showcase and are just a few.

There are virtually thousands of basketball camps for all ages and all levels across the world. Ultimately, it is up to each player to work hard and improve his or her skills. There is no magic pill or magic spell, attending camps will give a player the knowledge but that player must begin applying what they have learned and become dedicated to becoming a great player.

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