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Basketball Court Plays

From high school to college basketball court plays are the ones that get the game rolling in the right direction.

From inbounds passes to set plays that are contingent upon crisp passing and quick minded action, the basketball plays have won championships and sent other team’s home crying on the bus.

Most organized basketball teams will tell anyone that the basketball court plays are the plays that win games and winning games allow the plays to just get more intricate and more detailed as time goes on. One of the greatest court plays ever devise is the triangle and two defensive postures.

A great play for basketball court plays is called the triangle and two plays. In this play a triangle is created at the top of the key serving as the highest point of the triangle with the center clogging up the action.

better shooting

As the top of the key area is being filled by the largest player on the defense, the oversized center, it is time to migrate toward the basket and position two guards at the bottom of the triangle. These two guards will cover cutting players and look for steals and loose balls for fast-break opportunities the other way.

Rounding out the triangle and two defense will be the two powerful forwards that are situated on either side of the basket. The role of these two strong power forwards is to play great defense, rebound the missed-shot and post up for the rebound when the shot occurs.

Once the play is in motion and the opposing team brings the ball up court it is time to get the triangle and two in motion. Many times a coach will dictate that the triangle and two defensive postures are stagnant and the player is not to leave their respective areas.

Other times during these basketball court plays the coaching staff instructs the players to use their own judgment and freestyle when the situation requires such independent thinking. Regardless of what the coaches says a basketball player’s intuitive skills will take over and the triangle and two can be served as a skeleton for a host of other defensive sets and plays.

In the end this play is a very popular one that is run from high school all the way to the professional ranks of the NBA and has proved to be one the more successful options for playing defense effectively.

In a game of basketball defensive plays are only half the game. No one has ever won a basketball game by just playing good defense as there needs to be an equitable and far-reaching effect of production of points by the offensive plays as well. It’s fascinating how people claim to have said that only defense wins championships and many take this literally and do not focus on the offensive mindset while learning great defense.

What that says is that by trying to imply that by playing good defense and in addition to a great offense of mindset and skill set the goal of a championship can be achieved. Great court plays include cutting players toward the basket and alleyoops which are some of the most fantastic and exciting to watch in the NBA ranks.

A good way to try out some great basketball court plays is to take a few friends and head out to the blacktop this season for a game of 2 on 2 or maybe 3 on 3 if you have enough friends. Try out the triangle defense if a game of 3 on 3 is achieved and see exactly what the basic fundamentals of defensive acumen are these days.



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