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Basketball Offensive Moves

Basketball offensive moves are moves that you will make on the perimeter (outside moves) and moves you will make on the post (inside moves).

It is best to practice both inside and outside moves, regardless of your position or size. Intense practice will make you a good offensive player.

These moves can be categorized into outside live ball moves and inside moves with and without the ball.

Outside live ball basketball offensive move

Sometimes, you will find that you receive a pass on the court, and, although you are guarded, you are the closest one to the basket. Now, you have to make a move with the ball so you can get off your shot.

When you practice these basketball moves, be sure that you turn, face the basket, and assume proper basketball position: your feet a shoulder’s width apart and pointed toward the basket, your knees are flexed, and your shoulders are facing the basket. If you are right handed, keep the ball on your right side.

The Drive

The drive is one of the most basic of all basketball moves. It involves a quick move past the defender toward the hoop. When you are able to drive well, you can get past your man and successfully penetrate the defense.

When you reach close to the hoop, you can either go for the shot yourself or pass off to a teammate who can get an uncontested lay-up or a short-range jump shot. The drive should not be overused. This is because then the defensive man automatically starts to back up once you have the ball.

He thereby denies you the first step to the hoop. This takes away your advantage.

When using drive, you should protect the ball with your body. You can do this by turning your trunk as much as possible to prevent any steals.

The Jab step

Among these basketball moves, the jab step is a common foot fake which is used to set up either a drive or a jump shot. There are two possibilities

a) You start by keeping the ball in your hands at waist level or near your hips. Take a short, hard step towards the defensive man simultaneously faking the dribble by bringing the ball outside your knee. If the defender jumps at you, quickly take a longer step with the same foot and simultaneously push the ball out and drive right around his hip.

better shooting

b) If the defensive player backs up and blocks your path, your next option is to take a jump shot by pulling back your lead foot and then going for the shot.

better shooting

The Rocker step

This is a quick head-and-shoulder fake you can use to set up a drive. It starts the same way as the jab step. When the defensive man moves towards you, drive past him, using the same jab foot. This can be seen as a three count move- jab step; rock back to original position; energetic step and strong dribble past the hip of defensive man.

The Rocket step, Shot fake, and Drive

This is a more elaborate version of the previous two moves. The initial steps are the same. You pull back to your original position if the defensive man hasn’t been fooled. You next fake a jump shot with your arms and ball by bringing the ball upto the level of your head. When the defender moves towards you to block your jump shot, you make an strong drive and go right around him.

The Crossover step

This step is one of those basketball offensive moves that are applied when the defensive player overplays you to your strong side. The crossover step will help you out of this defensive overplay.

For a crossover step to the right, you start with a short, hard jab step in the direction of the defensive player with your left foot. Take a long step with the same foot, crossing it over the outside of the defender’s left foot. Quickly move the ball from your left side to your right side as you make the leg move. Finally, push the ball out behind the defender with your right hand, making sure it goes past his hip.

Dead ball moves

Sometimes, it happens that you have already picked up your dribble but your defensive man is standing right in front of you preventing you from getting a shot or passing the ball. Dead ball moves are required for such cases in basketball offensive moves.

The Shot Fake and Jump shot

This move involves starting with a one-count stop. The ball should then be taken up towards your head to give the impression that you are going to take a jump shot. When the defensive man lunges towards you, go up strong with your jump shot.


This move will help get you past your defender after you have given up your dribble. Start with a one-count stop, make a crossover step and then shoot a lay-up after going past your defender.

Step through move

Starting with a one-count stop, fake a jump shot and then take a quick step to the opposite side of the defender. For example, if you want to go to the right, take a quick step to the side of the defender with your left foot.

Inside moves with and without the ball

In basketball offensive moves, it is essential to have players with good, solid, inside moves in a winning basketball team. Good inside movement ensures that

Points are obtained from shots taken only a few feet away from the hoop instead of depending on long range jump shots.Greater chances of three-point plays occurring “in the paint”Player with good inside moves will result in defense doubling up to keep him from scoring. This will free the offensive forwards and guards for their outside shots.

Bigger basketball stance

This basketball offensive moves is a way of making yourself bigger. You take up a stance of being big to prevent your defensive man from stepping around you or reaching over your back to take the ball.

Reading the defense

The strategy of how to play the post man becomes clear in the early part of the game. The best way is for the post man to face into the lane. This unnerves the defensive man who is not used to seeing the man he is guarding facing him and staring him in the eye.

It is useful to understand the pattern used by the opposing team to guard the post man.

The Rear turn

The quick rear turn is required when you are closely guarded from behind in the low post and you need to free yourself to make a pass. This move is made by hooking your outside foot around the outside foot of your defensive man and then quickly pivoting on your lead foot. You must preferably bend over slightly as you make the turn.

The Reverse

Among basketball offensive moves, the reverse is used when although you are positioned down low on the ball side, your man is keeping you from getting a pass. You can free yourself with a reverse move by taking a hard step towards the passer, making a drop step with the foot nearest the baseline and then hooking the defender’s foot with your foot and leaning into his hip with your hip and forearm.

When you use the appropriate basketball offensive moves, it gives you a great feeling. You make a move to get around the defender and then drive to the hoop for a shot or pass to a teammate.



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