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One and Done: Sad State of Best NCAA Basketball Players

As one-and-done is becoming the norm for not only the best college basketball players but a select few of the high school ballers, it is a testament to the sad state of the game.
The obvious lure of multi-million dollar contracts is what pulls the best ballers away from their respective schools and universities. It is not so bad for the high schools and their fans since the temporariness and the financial-impact that a great high school player is not as evident as the collegiate baller.

For almost all of the colleges and universities that have felt the sting of losing a Derrick Rose or Tyreke Evans the financial impact as well as the emotional scars remain and run deep.

Kentucky Blues

One and done is a bit of a tragedy for all concerned and not just the basketball player that fails in the NBA. While the empire or the machine that is the transitional force that is feeding the insatiable fan-base of the NBA market for such great talent as Rose and Bryant is stripping possible dynasties of their time to shine.

NBA Gold

This is exactly what Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari had at Memphis with Rose and what he, as well as the entire Wildcat Nation, had presently with John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins.

To recruit these star players only to lose them after the first year, which is normally the player’s least-productive season, to the ranks of the NBA is a travesty.

better shooting

Something ahs to be done and something will be done since colleges and universities might start to gloss over the very best players in order to land a potentially great player that is less-likely to run to the bank with the NBA.

Point Taken

To bring home the point of the sad state of the college exodus to the NBA one only has to look at the present Kentucky basketball program under Calipari.

better shooting

Not even Calipari could have expected the exodus from his program to the draft this spring, when four of his freshmen declared and relinquished their eligibility by signing with agents. Please take a look at what Calipari has lost to the NBA Draft this year. Notice what happens to a storied program such as UK after losing 90% of a starting team to the NBA! They become an immediate mid-grade SEC team.

1 Cousins
2 Orton
3 Bledsoe
4 Patterson

Walk a Mile in Those Sneakers

Now as we look at the current 2010 state of the exodus of some of the best basketball players in the collegiate ranks to the NBA we need to place ourselves into the shoes of the young man. It is righteously unfair of everyone sitting in their armchairs to cast stones at the player who at the most is either an 18 to 19 possibly 20-year-old young adult.

A better target to aim those carefully-placed stones would be at ourselves. That’s right, you and me brother are the reason that the NBA has a machine in place that literally steals a four-year possible All-American, integral part of a dynasty player from the collegiate ranks in the 1st place. While that may seem a bit over the top and may be it is the truth of the matter is that in any market it is supply and demand that dictates movements either up, down or vertically.

National Championships Gone

The sad state of the collegiate basketball world in relation to the one and done status of so many great players is that the institutions themselves yet robbed of the thrill of having a winning team and one that possibly can win the National Championship after years of suffering through subpar performances.


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