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San Antonio Spurs Memorabilia

Deep in the Heart of Texas is where you’ll find the San Antonio Spurs and a load of great San Antonio Spurs memorabilia.

The San Antonio Spurs have a very strong following in San Antonio and the entire State of Texas including neighboring Austin which does not have an NBA professional franchise.

The San Antonio Spurs are always in contention for their conference title and have made numerous trips to the postseason including some in the hay days with George Gervin ‘The Iceman’ in the 1980’s.

The Iceman Cometh

San Antonio Spurs memorabilia includes signed SA jerseys as well as signed Spurs photos of current and past Spurs players. A great collector’s item is anything that the Ice Man George Gervin of the San Antonio Spurs signed or commemorates any of his achievements on the court for the San Antonio franchise.

Currently the San Antonio Spurs are considered a powerhouse ofthe Western Conference reaching the conference finals four times in eight years and winners of three NBA championships 1999, 2003 and 2005.

Along with those three great NBA titles the Spurs have recorded a whopping 15 division titles and a current NBA starting lineup that is seen as one of the best in franchise history.

Anything to do with Tim Duncan is selling hot like cakes with a Duncan autographed photo earning as much as one thousand dollars online recently.

George Gervin and Paul Silas

Before Tim Duncan brought his game to the San Antonio Spurs the NBA franchise had not seen any NBA championships coming into the Heart of Texas. Since George Gervin and Paul Silas departed teams many decades ago so did the hopes of the San Antonio Spurs for any shot at their division title let alone an NBA world championship.

All that changed when Tim Duncan came out of Wake Forest University and brought his defense have as well as offense All-Star game to the City of San Antonio and the NBA. Since then, the San Antonio Spurs have always been seen as a threat to take the NBA championship regardless of what year it is. Any spurs memorabilia that has to do with Tim Duncan, Richard Ginoboli, Tim Parker and Tony Jefferson will be highly sought after these players finally decide to hang up their sneakers.

2003 NBA Championships San Antonio Spurs Photo

A great piece San Antonio Spurs memorabilia is a framed autographed certified authentic 2003 NBA Championships San Antonio Spurs photo. The 2003 and 2005 NBA Player Shot of Tim Duncan are selling for $100-$500 and this is something that is usually reserved for players that have long since retired or been forced out of the NBA by injury.

That should tell you something about the strength of the San Antonio Spurs memorabilia and for the power that is Tim Duncan in the middle goes far beyond the basketball paint.

Search Under San Antonio Spurs

A great way to grab some wonderful San Antonio Spurs memorabilia items without breaking the bank is to log onto the WWW and search under San Antonio Spurs. This will most definitely bring up a listing that is as long as Tim Dunkin’s arms with loads of both player picts and autographed items.

The San Antonio Spurs are showing no signs of slowing down or letting up in their pursuit of yet another NBA World Championship with the 2010 playoff season right around the corner the Spurs looked to make a run that will take them to the NBA Championship Finals once again.

If the San Antonio Spurs can bring home another title to the City of San Antonio, this will further value the San Antonio Spurs memorabilia collection drive. Start your collection off today by grabbing anything that has the San Antonio Spurs 2009 and NBA player profile or any kind of autograph and hold onto that piece of memorabilia as it will only gain in value for the years to come.


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