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Find the right basketball drill for you

Think of Michael Jordan. He was getting back to every single basic basketball drill (fundamentals) right before a big game. Even though he was the greatest player to play the game.

Sorry if your opinion differs from mine but that’s just the way it was. He had it all. From great mindset, speed, to jumping ability, in-your-face dunks, steals, passes, you name it.

True magic combination of skills led him to be the one and only Air Jordan.

You have to admit. The moment you stop improving your basketball skills, is the moment you are getting worse and worse. It’s been proven right.

I’m giving you this intro, to remind you about the fact that no matter where you level may be at this moment, you still have to practice. Okay?

Many times you need to return to those basic exercises that build the foundation of your game. No matter where you are at.

Winning takes preparation, of course. Doing some basketball drills alone is not the only component of what is needed to win but it is crucial for your overall performance.

I’ve said it again and again but because it’s so important I’ll say it, yet again. Here goes:

Warm up before doing any of the exercises laid out here. Hydrate your body by drinking lots of water. Don’t get injured. Don’t overtrain.

See how your body responds to some of the exercises and keep a positive mental attitude while doing these drills.

Here is an important tip. If you need to work on many aspects of your game, go step by step. Don’t try to master rebounding, shooting, passing, dribbling in a 24 hour period. You just won’t make it. This is not being negative, it’s just realistic.

better shooting

If you decide, today you’ll be working on your shooting, then stick to it. Perform the given drill hundreds of times till you can do it blindfolded. Only decide to work on your next skill, if you are 100% sure you’ve done major improvements.

Now, put some shoes on and start sweating

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