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Junior College Basketball Recruiting

The junior college basketball recruiting industry is cranking up with their sights on the greatest high school basketball players in the country and the world for that matter.
It is no longer just a world of Division I and Division II and even Division III basketball coaches and recruiters snapping up all the great high school players and leaving nothing left for the junior college or JUCO recruiters and coaches.

Some of the most intelligent and articulate as well as greatest basketball players have come from the junior college ranks in each and every year this only becomes exponentially far greater and more impressive.

Division I or Division II or even Division III

While many might think how in the world did a Division I or Division II or even Division III program let a qualified and excellent high school basketball player through their fingers and into the world of junior college basketball?

better shooting

The answer to that is that they usually are all aware of this player and have chosen not to either offer him or her letter of intent or the individual ballplayer may have had their hearts set on Daytona Community College ever since they were knee-high to a grasshopper.

JUCO Basketball Teams

The ability to fulfill the need that is good and great junior college basketball players is something that junior college coaches and recruiters take part.

Regardless of whether that coach and recruiter of the huge basketball schools understand or even care that by recruiting players and students to their schools they are doing their part in finding a spot for over 4000 basketball playing students each and every year.

The bottom line is that college basketball teams especially junior college or JUCO basketball teams have enough players and quality players to compete. By only demonstrating the best ball playing at the school and being very impressive and sometimes outlandish will the student body and the fans start to support the team by showing up and buying tickets.

Most schools offer students free tickets or deeply discounted tickets to their basketball games but the friends and the family members who could not get a free ticket will pay for a ticket especially if the team is good.

Virtual Win-Win for Both the School and the Player

The junior college basketball recruiting industry takes in thousands of qualified and excited high school basketball players each and every year. By placing a student athlete into an empty seat a virtual win-win for both the school and the player in the sport of basketball has been created.

better shooting

An easy formula to keep in ones mind to show the benefit and the impact that junior college basketball recruiting has on the area of the country that is well-known for basketball, Indiana; let us look at a brief formula shall we?

Amount of JUCO basketball scholarships available in the State of Indiana rough estimate (425) number of qualified high school seniors open to accepting an athletic scholarship from the JUCO world (7500).

So far the formula looks a little something like this: 425 divided by 7500 = .05

In a nutshell that means that for every junior college basketball recruiting opportunity there are 25 graduating and highly qualified high school basketball players vying for that one spot on a junior college basketball team.

While these numbers can be inherent to bear the bottom line is that there are so many more high school basketball players than there are junior college basketball scholarship opportunities so the evidence is on personal inventory and taking care of one’s business while in high school even at a tender young age.

The world of junior-college recruiting is now fast and furious and reminds this college basketball Final Four team member of just how exciting and frightening the entire group process was in Memphis during that hot summer.


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