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AND1 Videos

Every year, more and more AND1 videos develop. These guys work hard and they play hard. From coast to coast, to country to country. They gather bigger crowds, make money and crash the courts. Uncanny moves played against not so good ballers, leave them with crushed egos and broken ankles.

Such a good dunkers too. I mean, I think the dribbling and passing skills and emphasized more but man, their vertical is also not human. They can sure jump.

One of the hardest dunks to do is have someone throw you the ball from the opposite end of the court and you jump, spinning already for a 360, but somewhere when you’re at 180, you catch it mid air and slam it down. I’ve seen this numerous times and it blows my mind away.

At the time of writing this there are 10 AND1 Mixtapes, each with its own twist. With different angle and whole bunch of soundtracks. I know when I first laid eyes on one of the Mixtapes (can’t remember which one) I was banging my head.

better shooting

I know some are not as good as the other, but still, the AND1 Mixtapes are always worth watching.

These 2 videos are from the Mixtape number 3. So the quality of the video is somewhat better than the first two.

AND1 Volume 3 – (Best Moments) – Part 1

AND1 Volume 3 – (Best Moments) – Part 2



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