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Basketball Tryout Tips

Basketball is not a game of just going to the court and start moving your hands and legs. It is undoubtedly one of the toughest and fastest games in the world and there fore demands a lot of practice with perfection.

We present below some basketball tryout tips and tricks, which you should follow to earn a niche and a position in the team.

There’s a big list of basketball tryout tips. One of them is to keep it cool, meaning that you should win the battle in your own mind.

You’re a basketball player, you know what you can and can’t do and today you’re going to give it your best, you can’t do much more than that. It’s hard to control your nerves when you really want something and here is a basketball tryout tips that can help you with that; enjoy yourself.

Yes, you are doing what you like, playing basketball, don’t see it like somebody is judging your every movement. Just stay focused on the game and exercises.

If you’re going to wonder if you made a good move, or are getting fed up over a few missed shots, you have the wrong thoughts in your mind.

There is somebody, and probably even multiple persons that judge you on your tryout day. When it comes to the exercises you do you can only give your best. There are some ways how you can show that you are serious about basketball and getting on the team though. Listening to your coach is probably one of the most important basketball tryout tips.

Don’t interrupt the coach, don’t talk to your friends when you’re not supposed to, don’t go for some water whenever you want unless it is a break, don’t sit down unless your coach tells you to etc. Showing that you take the game and the tryout serious is one of the best tryout tips we can give you.

Even though you are probably eager to show your skills and make a lot of actions yourself. You should also keep in mind that coaches also look for team play.

Placing somebody else in a position to score is just as important as scoring yourself and it shows that you’re not selfish and put the team first. When you get a clear shot or are able to do some actions yourself without losing the ball you should of course go ahead and do so. If in example a game turns into a one man show you’re probably a good player but the ones that will judge your capabilities will definitely give you a low score for team play.

Some other basketball tryout tips are related to your preparation for a basketball tryout. Come to a basketball tryout well prepared. Make sure that it is not weeks ago since you have touched a basketball but also make sure that you didn’t just have a tiring day before the day of your tryout.

Also make sure that you had enough sleep the night before your trout. It’s also important that you have eaten enough, yet not too much and not to short before the activities of the tryout since the food can get in your way to success. Also make sure that you do a good warm up so you don’t only convince you coach that you know what you’re doing but it will also help you play the best way you can.

Another advantage of a good warm-up is that you will have smaller chances on injuries. It would be a shame if you mess up your tryout day just because you didn’t eat right, didn’t have a good night rest or get injured because you didn’t warm up your muscles.



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