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Why you need to become a team player?

Basketball players have a tendency to only think of themselves. And that’s normal.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to put your name out there and show your skills and how much you’re worth. In fact, that’s a good thing. It means you are eager. Eager to always strive for the better.

But there’s a little problem there. Little counter-productive part that is not working in your favor. Remember when Michael Jordan was first struggling. He was struggling to win games because he was playing the game the way he knew it and not engaging other players.

It wasn’t until Phil Jackson told Michael that he should pass the ball and involve his teammates as much as possible when the Bulls started winning Championships.

Phil Jackson had the same problem with Kobe. It was a little different story then having two superstars on the same team. But ultimately he learned that he can’t play alone.

LeBron James, even from the start learned that he should assist his teammates. That’s exactly what makes his so much mature and years ahead of the other superstars even though he’s a young player.

Well, the big question comes, are you ready to swallow your pride and strive to make the others better. That’s a star to me. I’m gonna throw in an example, totally unrelated. You know the actor Richard Gere right? He said that acting for him clicked when he started thinking in a different mindset. He started thinking about how he can help the people who are making the film and how can he make everybody around him better. That’s when he started being a true star.

You wanna be a star? Make others be better than what they are. Pass the ball. Set up screens. Try to notice the weakness of your teammates and you be the one to help them. Make them stronger. Be always conscious of that. Players like Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Manu Ginobili are true superstars. They are not so much worried about their “ego” or trying to be better regardless of the fact that their teammates might be worse off.

Today’s lesson? No matter how aware you are of your teammates, become even more aware and try to make them better. Because you know what? You can’t make it on your own. No man is an island.


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