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Girls Basketball Tips

Girls basketball has come a long way in recent years, and girls basketball tips aren’t all that different from the same tips you might give boys of the same age or skill level.

Dribbling and ball-handling are important aspects of basketball, in the girls game as well as in the boys game. Many coaches use the terms ball handling and dribbling interchangeably. It isn’t ONE skill, it’s TWO skills, although they are linked when you use them on the court.

Controlling the ball and dribbling is a skill that the girls can practice alone, and it’s separate from the other skills she uses on the court. However, ball-handling involves more knowledge about the game and the defenders, and it includes decision-making, dribbling and passing.

Improving dribbling abilities is one of the girls basketball tips that can’t be over-stressed. It’s a simple task, though. There are many drills you can use for your girls today, and most are effective and challenging. They include drop and catch, spider dribbling, figure eights, and passing the ball around her body.

Practicing their ball handling takes a lot of patience and time. After she has moved as far as she can on her own, as in dribbling practice, she needs to be able to put herself in situations she might encounter in games.


Here are some girls basketball tips to improve their ball handling and dribbling:

Dribble the ball hard, not softly. The more time the ball is IN her hand, the more control she will have over the ball. And the harder she dribbles, the longer the ball is in touch with her hand.

Have her keep her head up at all times. Don’t let her WATCH the dribbling. Have her look at the rim or another person, or SOMETHING during practices.

Teach her to use her fingertips to control the ball, not her palm. Have her use her imagination. Picture when and how she can use each dribble.

You need to teach positive mentality. Today’s game has too much dribbling with no purpose. The main reason for dribbling is advancing the ball up the floor, or advancing for a shot. Otherwise, have her pass it or shoot it, depending on where she is on the court and how open the shot is.

Basketball is a game that requires length. Have your players work to get to their passing or shooting opportunities with the fewest number of dribbles. Dribbling doesn’t beat defenses. She can beat defenses by separating herself from the defenders.

Teach your players to move in straight lines. This is an easy-to-fathom one of the girls basketball tips that’s often overlooked. Basketball is a game that’s all about angles. Whenever they can make a STRAIGHT move, they’re closer to the basket, or they have more time to complete a pass.

Teach them not to use more dribbles than they need. DON’T take two dribbles to do what they COULD do in one. Have your girls practice outside their zone of comfort. Have them go faster than usual, and use their imaginations.

When they work on new skills, have them give little concern to losing the ball. Pick it up and do it again. If they only practice what they’re comfortable with, they’ll never improve.

Dribbling Figure 8’s is an excellent way to improve dribbling and moving at angles, at the same time. Have them spread their legs about shoulder-width, and dribble the ball through and around their legs in a figure 8. If that’s too easy for them, let them try the drill with one hand instead of two.

Another of the more interesting girls basketball tips is doing a different kind of double-dribble. This isn’t the one that she would get whistled for in a game – it’s an exercise. She will use one ball in each hand, and stay stationary at first. Then she will move, and see how long she can keep dribbling both balls. These tips should be helpful for you, in coaching girls basketball.


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