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NCAA Womens Basketball Rankings

The world of the NCAA womens basketball rankings is one that has shown little movement at least in the top spot this year. The 2009 2010 NCAA women’s basketball season has been dominated by one team, the Connecticut Huskies.
Any fan of college basketball, especially women’s college basketball, knows that there are two teams that have dominated the last 10 years of college basketball and those are the Connecticut Huskies and the Tennessee Volunteers.

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While there are other teams that challenged these two titans of the college basketball women’s world, not one has even come close to the amount of championships and blowouts these two teams have generated.

Listed below are the rankings for the day of February 21, 2010.

1) Connecticut Huskies

2) Texas A&M Aggies

3) Georgetown Hoyas

4) Texas Longhorns

5) Iowa State Hawkeyes

6) Kentucky Wildcats

7) Baylor Bears

8) St. John’s University

9) Gonzaga Zags

10) LSU Tigers

11) Oklahoma Sooners

12) The Stanford Cardinal

13) Nebraska Cornhuskers

14) Tennessee Volunteers

15) Xavier Owls

16) Duke Blue Devils

17) Notre Dame Fighting Irish

18) West Virginia Mountaineers

19) Florida State Seminoles

20) Ohio State Buckeyes

As you can see the game of NCAA college basketball and the NCAA women’s basketball rankings are very cool to look at. The woman’s game has increased in both popularity and competition as even the smaller; less-established teams are starting to crack the top 25. We must recall that the game of college women’s basketball has been around longer than men! It is only in recent decades that the game of the women has taken center stage and this is true for both the dedication and passion for the game of basketball.
The top spot this year as in many past years is held by the Connecticut Huskies. This team has a home winning percentage of 100% in the past three years and with the closest games being in double digits this team is one of the greatest ever assembled in the history of women’s college basketball.

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With an undefeated record and apparently no one in their way to stop or challenge them for the championship, the odds-on favorite to win the NCAA women’s championship game is the Connecticut Huskies.

The only team that shows any signs of being able to challenge his dynasty is the upstart Stanford Cardinal. Only time will tell if The Cardinal has enough stock and tenacity to take on one of the nation’s greatest college basketball women’s teams ever assembled, the Connecticut Huskies.

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