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Effective Basketball Tips

As known, basketball is not only a game of fitness, ball handling or mind, but a combination of all three.

Until and unless, you have these three covered, you will most likely not become more then an average basketball player, which is fine, if you’re having fun and didn’t set any goals to be a really good player or want to improve your game.

However, if you want to climb the ladder of success you will need to make sure that you are familiar and train all the aspects of the game. Writing down effective basketball tips isn’t that hard, reading them is even simpler, but the actual practicing and giving yourself the opportunity to become a great player is harder.

We can’t help you with that but we can give motivate you and give you some effective basketball tips that will help you to practice some particular moves in the best possible way.


Jab followed by a shot, fake shot or drive into the bucket


Our first effective basketball tips are related to an offensive procedure that might be really convenient in some situations. Picture yourself somewhere near your opponents 3 point line against a great defensive team that manages to lock down your team mates and you can’t get rid of the ball and want to try something yourself.

What you can do is make a jab, which is basically placing one foot forward faking a plan of movement, which would probable force your defender to step half a meter backwards or at least balances backwards a bit. This could give you the space to take a shot. If you’re a good shot then you should definitely try that more often.

However, your defender isn’t stupid and after you made several shots he might want to jump up and forward to block your shot. You can make a fake shot to trigger a jump of your defender. While he is in the air he is vulnerable.

While he is in the air your defender is in no way capable to prevent you from making a drive into the bucket on either the left of right side where you will then be able to finish the job with an easy jump shot or layup.


Fadeaway shots


Another one of the effective basketball tips is how to make a fadeaway shot. If a player develops his fadeaway shot it is one of the best weapons available to score many points in any kind of match. To be able to make a fadeaway shot you should basically be in range to make a decent shot.

However, the main idea behind the fadeaway shot is that you take one step away from the basket and your defender, and then turn around to take a shot. While you step back from your defender you should carry the ball high, at shoulder height to make sure that the ball is protected and your defender can’t strip the ball.

The fadeaway shot is a very advanced shot and hard to perfection. With the right amount of practice however, everybody will be able to make this great, hard to defend shot.

These are just some effective basketball tips related to some particular movements and shots that might come in handy while you’re playing a match on the court. Whether you’re playing one on one or 5v5, these shots and movements, when done properly, can definitely give you an edge over your opponent. So what are you waiting for, get out there and practice, because practicing is the key to perfection.



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