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Top Five Basketball Positions

If you want to be a better player, then play like the best. In today’s game shear athleticism at time is far superior to talent.

But if you want to be thought of as one of the best players at your high school, in your conference, at the college level or beyond it is best to watch and learn from the best at each position.

If you had to name the best point guard, shooting guard, forward, power forward and pivot man today, it may be a challenge. So many players are versatile and so many players can play various positions. This does not say that there are not “the best” players at each position, because there are. Learn from them and learn how they apply what they know to their game. In the humble opinion of this writer, the following are the best five overall without choosing one particular position.

1. Tim Duncan

– since he came out of Wake Forest he has been a force to be reckoned with both on the offensive and defensive ends.

His long arms, great reach and cat-like quickness for a big man has made him the best of the best in today’s game. Not only has he averaged scoring close to 20 a game and double digits in rebounding. It is passing ability that sets him apart from other post players. He has that keen ability to know where is players are and how to best get them the balls.


2. Kobe Bryant

– without a doubt the best player in the league.

He may need more shots to get his scores but it is because he is often double and at times triple-teamed. He is one of a few players that can “take over” a game and carry his entire team on his shoulders. Since coming out of high school to play he has been a great player. He will go down in history as one of the top 10 players of all time.


3. Lebron James

– upon graduating high school he had more pressure on him to succeed than most other players in the league.

There was so much hype about him that there was not much more room for him to go up and everyone was waiting for him to fall. He has not done that and he has established himself as a franchise and probably the successor to Kobe Bryant as the best player in the NBA. His strength, ability to jump and fundamentally strong game is incredible for such a young player and one that never attended college.


4. Steve Nash

– the best assist man the game has seen since Jason Kidd.

An ex MVP Nash has evolved over the years and has become the consummate guard. His ability to drive and dish is without comparison. If he cannot drive he can pull up and stick the jumper with the best of them. He is the prototype point guard that every aspiring point guard to be should mimic and try to be like.


5. Dwight Howard

– strong, mean and a personification of POWER forward.

This young man has not an ounce of fat on his frame. Rock solid and one of the best if not best rebounders in the game. Knows where to go to get the ball, knows how to defend and then box a man out and he goes “through” the ball. Not just reaching up and grabbing it, but extending through the ball so no one is able to get it from him.
If you want to be a good player at whatever level you are playing at, then play like any of these five, you will not be disappointed with the outcome. As they say, they are the cream of the crop.


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