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Basketball Free Tips

Basketball is not a game of words, but a matter of physique coupled with your presence of mind. There are innumerable basketball free tips, which can be learned to master the game. We just present a fraction of them.

Tips for footwork

Try developing your quick feet by stressing on lateral sprints. Start from the baseline and face the sideline. Do side shuffling from left to right or vice versa by positioning the left foot over the right one. This is the ideal way to develop your quick feet.

Another skill, which you need to master, is the dot drill. It helps in increasing your speed of action and makes the best from within. Try practicing it by drawing five lines naming from one to five, which has to be outlined by an X.

By jumping from the first hand, meeting in the middle and subsequently jumping on the other will make you get perfection on dot drills. Again, you can try out by jumping on one leg by making use dot the dot series.

You always need to maintain a balance of your body. Balancing the body is the key to doing all kinds of skills both on and off the court. Keep the head just above and in middle of your legs by maintaining a bend at the waist..

Tips for defense

In addition to being offensive, you have to be defensive as well. The moment the opposition is near your basket, following a man-on-man strategy, cover them up and try to recover the ball. Try to use zone defending when needed. You could allow the opposition to shoot from a long range.

If they are poor in that and you manage to get the rebounds, it proves to be very effective. If you are a better player however, the same might go for you opponents in any league or whatsoever meaning that they might hit most of the 3 pointers. If that’s the case you should put pressure even on the 3 point line.

General basketball free tips

It is the court, your dream and your expectation. Do your best and show your best. Make full use of your skills and let the opponent stare at you in surprise. Make use of the perfect passing and shooting techniques. By doing these, you not only impress your coach but also earn a niche for yourself.

Do whatever you are good in and try not to experiment at the centre because it is not only you and about you but about the team. This forms the essence of any of the basketball free tips that you come across. If you are perfect at shooting the ball, do it. If you are perfect at defense, do it. In this way, in addition to help the team scoring points, you also gain confidence.

Don’t stop communication with your teammates at any point of time during the game. Bear in mind that communication is the driving force for the win. So keep on using these basketball free tips and let your team enjoy the fruit of hard work.


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