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3 on 3 Basketball Plays

You think you are going to need some 3 on 3 basketball plays? I thought so:) When they are or not enough players on the basketball court to play a decent five on five game it is important that you know some great three on three basketball plays.

Most of the best plays revolve around quick scoring and even quicker passing. As is normally the case, locating six able-bodied and agreeable players for a four-gamer of outdoor basketball can be a test at times. This is where a friendly but competitive game of 21 can come into play as being a great way to exercise and showcase some of those basketball moves.

Playing basketball is a great way to exercise and also loads of fun in North America and across this great planet of ours. Knowing a few good three on three basketball plays will serve you well on the black tops across America and beyond.

One of the simplest forms of basketball plays that are set up for a six player game is referred to as the high post play.

During this play one player is selected to attend to score the basket with a running layup or short jumper.

Surprise is of the essence on the post up lane as the name implies one player will be on the receiving end of the first pass to get the ball into play.

This player is normally located in or around the top of the key and will either pass to the left or right of a cutting player to the basket. If all goes well and the defense is caught off guard this should be a relatively easy layup.

The above mentioned post up play has one variation that can be utilized if the cutting player does not either cut or is covered too closely. The post up player who receives the first pass gets the ball in play and can either do a quick head fake or a short jumper from the top of the key, either way a basket needs to be attempted.

The cutting guard player is then in a fine position for either a rebound or an easy put in. With the success of a post up play it is then time to utilize the second most popular play on three on three basketball plays.

The give and go has always been a staple of three on three basketball plays and is one of the most popular throughout North America today. The goal as usual is always to score a basket and be the first to 11 or 15 counting each basket as one.

A give and go is actually a set of plays that dictates handing the basketball to a player and letting that player create some magic. Normally that player is one of the most gifted on the three on three team and has all the right moves to cut to the basket and score for the team!

Defensively speaking there are some great three on three basketball plays that can even assist a smaller team in playing good tight sound effects. A basic triangle package is a great defense for three on three basketball and as the name implies has a top player and two near the basket.

Many three on three basketball games have benefited from the use of compacting the defense of players and toward the basket while still allowing for some light defense pressure on the outside shooters.


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